Career and Job Opportunities after BSc Hons Maths

B.Sc Hons Maths is a 3-year undergraduate programme that offers a vast range of career choices. Keep in mind it is considered one of the most advanced degrees. This reason provides you with high in-demand job profiles after graduating with maths.

Honestly, Holding a degree in B.Sc Hons Maths gives you two career options for the betterment of your future. First is either go for higher studies or choose a professional job world to gain experience and earn money.

B.Sc Hons Maths: Higher Studies Scope

There are many Master’s Level courses you can pursue after B.Sc Hons in Maths. Below are the Best master's degree courses.

Job Prospects After B.Sc Hons Maths

Graduate of B.Sc Hons Maths has ample amount of opportunities in areas like Engineering, Finance, Teaching, Accounting and Technology. 

Job in Research Field

This field is for those who have intense communication and research skills. Being patient is a major key to achieving success in this field. You can undertake your research work in various ranges of both pure and applied mathematics, These are differential equations, dynamic systems, Combinatorics, Algebra, Analysis, mathematical biology, geometry and topology, fluid mechanics and numerical analysis. As a research mathematician, you could work for an academic or commercial organisation.

Work as Mathematician

Regarded as the most accepted prospect after graduating in B.Sc Hons Maths. The job of a mathematician is to make advanced development in the area of contemporary science. Contemporary science includes topics like:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Complex analysis
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Differential equations
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Algebra 
  • Mathematical theory
  • Geometry 
  • Pure mathematics
  • Computational mathematics 
  • Topology

Career as an Accountant

If you are interested in rigorously handling finance-related tasks. Accountants are responsible for collecting, keeping and interpreting financial data. Accountants either work for a business client or an organisation. As an accountant, you must have excellent soft and technical skills. Several new trends in 2022 are initiated in this field like transparency and security, accounting automation and data analysis.

Career in Teaching

It is the best field for those who are interested in passing their mathematical knowledge to the next generation. You find many job vacancies as a teacher in both governments and the private sector. In fact, you can also look forward to becoming a professor after achieving a Master's and PhD degree. 

Career in Actuaries

Are you an Analytical Person? If yes, then you can pursue this career. Combining the knowledge of numbers with finance to tackle any kind of financial risk. This is their major goal. They analyse the complexity, mechanism and mathematics of financial security systems to make reports.

Various Carrer Options

These are some of the best career options after B.Sc Hons Maths.

  • Meteorologist
  • Engineering Scientist
  • Space Scientist
  • Bank PO
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Public Administrator
  • Management Consultant
  • Developer
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Statistician
  • Underwriter
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Policy Analyst

Hence, it is a proven fact that B.Sc Hons Maths graduates have a wide pool of career opportunities. Also, a lot of job vacancies are laying in the job market. If you want to make a career after graduating with B.Sc Hons Maths then you must wisely choose the path you want to follow.