Top Career Opportunities after B.Tech CSE in Full Stack Development

You must have heard about web developers or software developers building up tech giant companies and E-commerce platforms that have wooed the netizens, but many of you might not have heard of full-stack developers. These Techies are the ones who are equally responsible for behind the success of these tech startups and tech giants. Now you must be wondering the question what is a full stack developer, what do they do and does it have a future for me.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

The Full-stack developers are responsible for the functioning, structuring, organising, designing, and compiling with the use of programming of the client software and servers software basically, operating the front end and the back end to make sure that the web browsers, applications, and web databases look good on phones, tablets, computers, laptops and other devices.

Skills of Full Stack Developer

Front End (Client Software)

  • HTML - Hypertext markup language is that code that is used to display the buttons, displays, points, pictures, tables etc. on web browsers.
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheet is used to style the language of the sheet for displaying the format of a document written as a markup language.
  • Bootstrap - Bootstrap is used for creating websites and web apps.
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language is used for sharing structured information between programmes, computers and people.
  • Java Script - It is a global programming language which can be used in any kind of software layer.
  • Redux - It is an open script javascript library used to change the condition for managing and centralising applications.
  • Grunt - it is a javascript task runner tool used that makes web browsers perform various tasks frequently by compiling, uniting, linting and minification the databases.
  • CSS - It is a modern version of CSS which is faster than CSS for creating and designing frameworks.
  • Story Book - Storybook is an open-source javascript tool that allows building UI components and pages.
  • JSON - The full form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation which is a way to display text-based data on web servers or web pages.

Back End (Server software)

  • C++ - It is a major programming language which can be used to create and design games, web browsers, compilers, banking applications and many other useful applications.
  • PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor is used for writing server-side web application logic.
  • Python - It is a type of language which gives permission to our computer systems software to perform and communicate with each other for a better experience.
  • ASP - Active Server Pages is used to manage, design patterns, perform, function and analyze various web applications and web browsers.
  • Mongo DB - It is a document database that helps to store multiple types of unstructured databases as schema because of its scalability and flexibility.
  • Elixir - It is used for scaling databases and development to gain high traffic on mobile applications
  • NodeJS - It helps to make applications that can run multiple independent processes at any time.

#3 Reasons to Pursue Full Stack Development

  • Increasing Demand: Jobs in the field of Full-stack development are in high demand and will keep on rising opening job opportunities for web development so you can pursue a full stack developer course. The growing startups and usage of technology have increased growth in the field of full-stack developers. Even during the covid time, the employability of full-stack developers hasn’t been affected.
  • Enhancing your creativity: Full-stack development not just needs hard work but also smart work to solve web development issues in creative ways for a better experience of the applications. You have to implement various unique ideas and designs to display your web application look excellent.
  • Productivity: In full-stack, you need in hand skills in various software and technologies which eventually increase your productivity and directly affects your paycheck. Full-stack developers are less time consuming and more efficient for productivity.

Career Options in Full Stack Development

  • Web Designer - the work of a web designer is to design the look of a website. They must know how to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Web Developer - The responsibility of the web developer is to test and review web applications. They assist web designers in designing the interfaces of the websites.
  • Front-End Developer - The main work of a Front-end developer is to create new web applications using the web coding languages in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The front-end developer has to make sure that the consumer has a good experience with their web applications.
  • Back-End Developer - The Back-end web developer does behind the scenes operational work. They should have high skills in programming to work on software like c++, PHP, Python and many others. They should know of needs of front-end developers and provide them on time in code language.

full stack development

A full-stack developer is a great field for you to pursue if you’re interested in web development programming skills and like to do creative work. You can great growth in this field which will never be stopped and keeps on increasing as time passes by. This field requires skills in HTML, CSS, C#, C++, and JavaScript which is beneficial for career growth in this technological era.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is a Full Stack Developer average salary in India?

Ans. The average salary of a full stack developer in India is around INR 4.8 lacs per annum which will eventually increase according to your work ethic and productivity.

Q2. What does a company want from a fresher full stack developer?

Ans. As a fresher full stack developer companies first need is you should have knowledge about the programming and can work on software like c++, Javascript, HTML ETC.

Q3. Do the job opportunities increase in the field of full-stack development?

Ans. A lot of tech startups are rising and businesses are coming up now so they need full-stack developers instead of specialists. Full-stack developers are too productive and money-saving in terms of their operational work.

Q4. How much does a fresher earn as a full-stack developer?

Ans. As a fresher in full-stack developer, you can earn around INR 37800 per year and because of a lot of demand the salary of freshers is increasing every year.

Q5. Can a Full-stack developer work as a freelancer?

Ans. Yes, there are a lot of tech companies that hire full-stack developers as freelancers. The average salary of freelance in India is around 4.7 lacs per annum.

Q6. What skills does a full-stack developer need?

Ans. Full-stack developers should have skills in modern front-end frameworks, back-end development and soft skills.

Q7. Which are the top-paying companies or industries for Full-stack developers?

Ans. Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Wipro, Accenture, Oracle and Schlumberger are some of the highest paying companies in India in the field of full stack developer.

Q8. Is the full stack developer field hard?

Ans. anything that needs a lot of brainpower can be stressful but that’s not completely true in full-stack development it is an interesting and creative field which is less stressful.

Q9. Does a full stack developer is a good career?

Ans. Yes, it’s a good career to pursue and has many job opportunities all around the world. The growth in this tech field is very longing.

Q10. what does a full stack developer do?

Ans. Full-stack developers work with the front-end and back-end developing in design and solving the issues of web browsers or web applications.


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