Top Career Options after B.HMCT

Like the roads, airlines industry and better connectivity of countries with each other have improved this has boomed the job opportunities in travel, tourism, food and hospitality across the globe it has caused the hotel industries, restaurants and airlines industry to grow their business thus creating several job opportunities for students after completing B.HMCT course. You must be wondering what is bhmct course it is a 4-years undergraduate programme which has many fields of work that have gone beyond the country's boundaries opening foreign job opportunities for you. This line can give you chance to work on cruise ships and airlines in which you explore and travel. This is a field where you need to put in a lot of hard work. BHMCT also open government job opportunities for you to apply.

B.HMCT: Key Study Areas

B.HMCT students have many subjects to study. This programme is focused both on practical skills and theoretical learning. the subjects you have to study in B.HMCT are:

  • Food Production & Patisserie - In this subject, you will get basic knowledge of computers. You will learn about Cookery, Larder, Hygiene & Nutrition, Commodities and Costing. This subject teaches you to how do you know about your customer's needs and tastes. Every part of the world has its own cuisines so this subject teaches you about them and this can also give you information about other cultures. 
  • Front Office Operations - This subject is focused on your customer service. It will improve your communication skills and problem-solving skills. This subject will teach you how you interact, greet, comfort and sell your services to the customer.
  • Housekeeping Operations - The housekeeping department is the backbone of a hotel if it breaks and makes the guest unhappy or unsatisfied then there will be mess and downfall in the business that’s why this subject teaches you how to take care of the hotel's aesthetics, hygiene and cleanliness. 
  • Facility Planning - In Facility planning, you will learn about how the technology makes a hotel look amazing and customers satisfied. It is focused on how the delivery of the best services makes a customer happy.
  • Accountancy for Hospitality Industry - This subject is all about accounts you will learn how to maintain the profits, losses, business expenses, revenues etc. 
  • Disaster Management - This Prepares you for all the types of disasters or problems you can face and how you should respond to them.
  • Food & Beverage Service - This subject teaches you about three aspects how you prepare the food, how you present the food and how you serve the food.
  • Food Science & Nutrition - This subject provides you with insight into food science and nutrition. Food science teaches you the manufacturing, processing and storage of food. This subject is important because it's necessary to keep the quality of food high.
  • Tourism Product, Services & Management - this is an interesting subject because it teaches you about hotel marketing. Tourism product teaches you how to design services and food to meet customer satisfaction.

Career Scope after BHMCT

You can get a job after BHMCT in both private and government industries. Both the private and government industries have various scopes for you to pursue your career.

Job Profiles after B.HMCT

  • Food and Beverages section Manager - A Food and Beverages section manager is a great field jobs after bhmct responsible for the supply and quality of food. The food and Beverages section Manager has to keep the hospitality in check for good feedback from the customers. They also have to maintain good relationships with the vendors because they are the ones who manage the finances related to the supply and use of food and beverages. 
  • Customer Relations Manager - The key role of the Customer Relations Manager is to maintain good and healthy relations with the customer. They should have good communication skills. They solve customer queries, make strategies to compete with business competitors and build trust with the customers. Customer Relations Manager must know what kind of feedback their business is getting from the customers.
  • Unit Manager - The role of the Unit Manager is to make teams and keep an eye on their performance and how effectively they are working. The unit manager everyday schedules meeting with the teams to assign them tasks and the next goals. The unit manager has to make sure that the desired goal is being achieved.
  • Chief Chef - it is one of the best career option after bhmct. All the kitchen activities come under the supervision of the chief chef. The chief chef is the one who plans the everyday menu and orders the food and utensils they need in the kitchen. Every dish that went from the kitchen to the customer's table must be approved with the finishing touch of the chief chef. The chief chef has to make sure that customers are liking the food and the food is reaching the table on time so that the customer doesn’t have to wait. The chief chef maintains a good working environment and teamwork in the kitchen. The chief chef should have the knowledge that his team gets their paycheck on time.
  • Steward - Mostly the stewards work on cruises and airlines. The role of the steward is to manage dining operations in restaurants and public dining rooms. The reservations can be made by customers on-call or over the internet so the steward should make sure they don’t miss to answer the customers. The steward should have good communication skills and knowledge of the services they provide. Steward has to sort out any problems or queries of the customers.
  • Human Resource Manager - The first thing every Human Resource Manager have is excellent communication skills. The responsibility of HRManager is to make plans for hiring employees according to their needs. Human Resource managers have to interview the candidates and assess them before the main interview. Human Resource managers have to maintain the records of employees and solve any queries of employees regarding salary or any problems they are facing in their workplace.
  • Accountant - It is the duty of an accountant to keep a track of all the in and out finances. They should keep a record of all the finances. They should make a sheet of the losses and profits of their business. The accountant handles the paycheck of all the employees. They should Asses in making the budgets for business reasons.
  • Assistant Manager - All the operations, activities, and events come under the supervision of an assistant manager. They have to make sure all the policies, rules and regulations are being implemented and followed. During the events, time period assistant managers are responsible for the security and hospitality of the guests or customers.
  • Restaurant Manager - The restaurant manager's duty is to train and oversee the employee's performances and make sure they are productive for the benefit of the restaurant. They have to make sure the restaurant has proper sitting and hygiene. The quality and freshness of the food they provide to the customers should be overseen by the restaurant manager. The Restaurant Manager should keep in check the profits and losses of the restaurant.
  • Operations Manager - The Operations Manager are responsible for the day to day operations and profits of the hotel. The role of an operations manager is to make sure the hotel has a well-furnished attractive interior, customers are getting proper services, food comes out of the kitchen is getting liked by the customers, the queries of the customers are being solved, the hotel is providing quality and fresh food, events are going well, the employees are performing well and the clients are answered via phone calls or by any internet means.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management Salary in India

As a beginner in any field related to B.HMCT, you start with a normal salary package. Hotel management salary in india can get higher and better which is totally based on how much experience you have in your respective fields. also gives you job opportunities to gain experience by working in foreign countries and you can work on cruise ships.

BHMCT Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is eligibility for B.HMCT?

Ans. Candidates should have passed 10+2 from any recognized board with a percentage over 50% 

Q2. What is the average salary package of a chef in India?

Ans. The average salary package of a chef ranges between 300000 to 350000 which gets increased according to their experience.

Q3. Can hotel management students get jobs outside India?

Ans. Yes, Hotel Management has a lot of scopes and job opportunities overseas. it depends on your skills, knowledge and experience to get a chance to work overseas. 

Q4. What is the scope of B.HMCT?

Ans. There are a lot of scope and fields in B.HMCT which you can pursue like Food and Beverages section Manager, Accountant and chef.

Q5. Can a Hotel Management student pursue a career in Tourism?

Ans. Yes, a hotel management student can pursue a career in tourism. In this programme, you were taught about the deep knowledge of the tourism business.


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