What is BBA in International Business: Eligibility, Admission Exams, Career Opportunities and Salary

BBA in International business specialisation programme which is made to fulfil the demand for candidates with skills and profound knowledge of International business and practices the reason for that is, In India, there is a lot of job vacancies in the public sector and private sector and a lot of Foreign companies are seeking to recruit Indians for their business to run smoothly and efficiently.

This blog talk’s about What are BBA in International Business benefits for, those candidates who want to learn management to operate global companies and industries. 

About BBA in International Business

BBA Course in International Business is a 3 years bachelor’s degree which is a blend of complex and advanced concepts of global businesses and practices that comes under the domain of international competition and global competition. BBA in international business subjects is designed to develop student's finance skills, marketing skills and management skills, thinking skills, statistical skills, analytical skills and presentation skills. 

Eligibility for BBA In International Business

The Eligibility for BBA In International Business is aspirants must be above 18 years with 10+2 or equivalent with a minimum of 50% total marks from a recognized examination Board.

BBA in IB Entrance Based Examination

For those candidates who want to pursue BBA in IB should pass an entrance exam which will be taken by the university to which they applied. The examination is comprised of 4 sections to test candidate's logical and reasoning ability. Below are the 4 patterns included in the examination and how you can prepare yourself for it:

  • General Knowledge: General Knowledge questions related to sport, inventions, discoveries and current affairs.
  • Reasoning Ability: Logical reasoning questions to test your analytical skills to find how fast you can come to a conclusion.
  • Numerical Questions: It includes interpreting, analysing and drawing conclusions from sets of data. 
  • English language: English language test to test your grammar and vocabulary.

Each of these 4 parts has many different sections to check your abilities. Here are some points to note before BBA in IB admission exams:

  • BBA in IB Entrance exam is not a very tough examination. Some basic ability and reasoning questions are in the question paper which we have been doing since we were teengaers in schools.
  • Solve as many as BBA entrance exam papers. Read current affairs in the newspapers or books. Read about historical events and the era they occurred. Improve your grammar.
  • You have to answer about 120 to 150 questions in about 2-3 hours so, select those questions first which you are strong on to save your time.
  • Make a plan and manage your time accordingly to solve the paper within the given time.
  • Mostly the institutes include negative marking in their exam pattern so, think twice before you answer.

What Can I Do After BBA in International Business

After completing you have two options on one hand you can go for higher studies to be more qualified in the field and on the second hand you can pursue career in the professional world still confused let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Higher Studies

After this you can pursue MBA which is a 2 years master's degree that studies the in depth concepts of Business Mannagement. You can also pursue it with various specilisation such as finance, marketing, human resource management etc.

  • BBA International Business Jobs

1) BBA International Business Scopes

The scope of BBA in international business not just opens up job opportunities to you at the national level but internationally. After completing this course you can get a job in both Private-sector and Government-sector. It has a massive amount of recruitment because of many growing companies, industries and Multinational Enterprises.

There are several scopes students can pursue after completing BBA in IB:

  • International Human Resources Managers: They support in the process of hiring employees, training and compensating the employees according to the amount employees agreed in the interview. International Human Resources Managers must be available to travel to foreign countries.
  • International Training Managers: The main responsibility of international training managers is to train the trainees on an international level. The duties of international training managers can be different according to the needs of the company and the industry they are currently working in.
  • Global business Managers: They devise strategies on how to expand the business of the company or industry in other countries. The role of Global business Managers is to attend business meetings with other marketers, companies and industries for signing contracts and negotiating the deals.
  • International Brand Manager: The International Brand Manager's role is to take brand ownership. Making a new brand marketing strategy in accordance with the consumer needs. International Brand Manager also helps in setting the promotion and marketing budget.
  • International Export Manager: International Export Manager engages in designing and implementing exporting strategies to achieve the desired marketing goals. They should maintain a good relationship with customers. International Export Manager is also responsible for training new recruits and trainees.

2) BBA International Business Salary in India

One of the major reasons for choosing BBA in IB is the high salary packages because all BBA scope in India is for national and international companies. BBA in international business needs a lot of skills and a smart mind that's why a lot of job opportunities are rising in different sectors with high packages.

BBA scope in India

BBA in International Business FAQs:

Q1. What skills do we need to enhance in BBA in International Business?

Ans. Students in International Business learn a lot of skills like presentation, negotiation skills, Decision making, strategic skills and many others.

Q2. What is the procedure for this BBA in International Business?

Ans. First, you need to fill out the application form and the second step is clearing the entrance admission exam provided by the university you have chosen. All the procedures after clearing exams depend on the university.

Q3. Can we get a job in a foreign company after completing this course?

Ans. Yes, there are a lot of job opportunities after completing this course because a lot of foreign-based companies and MNCs are recruiting Indians.

Q4. What are the scopes in BBA in International Business after completion?

Ans. There are various areas of the job you can pursue after completing this course like logistics, marketing, training, branding, export and many others.

Q5. Why should I opt for this course?

Ans. The reason you should opt for BBA in International Business is that it needs a lot of skills and needs a lot of analytical knowledge. It also gives you high salary packages with many scopes.