8 Colour Photographs 2X2 Inch with White Background Original
Mark Sheet of 10th Original
Mark Sheet of 12th / 10+2 or equivalent Original
TC or Migration or both as applicable for the offered programme Original
Character Certificate Original
Aadhaar Card Photocopy (Self-attested)
Medical Certificate by Registered Doctor Original
Caste Certificate (In case of SC/ST/OBC) Photocopy (Self-attested)
Family Certificate (Parivar Pehchan Patra) (In case of Pharmacy Programmes) Photocopy (Self-attested)
NATA Score Card (In case of B.Arch Programme) Photocopy (Self-attested)
Domicile Certificate for Haryana State residence only Photocopy (Self-attested)
Students to submit Notarized Gap Certificate on Rs. 100 stamp paper, if there is any academic year gap. (If class 12th is passed on or before academic year 2023) Original
Compartment Pass Marks Sheet (If required) Original
Compartment Result Undertaking (If required) Original
Anti-Ragging Undertaking – Student Original
Anti-Ragging Undertaking – Parent Original
Undertaking of All the unavailable Essential Documents Original
University Merit Scholarship Form along with supporting documents (If a student is availing scholarship as per University scholarship policy) Original
Year of Signing MoU Name of the organization with whom MOU/Collaboration being signed List the actual activities under each MOU year-wise Date of the activity conducted File
2023 HawkEye Forensic GuestLecture on Phishing Mail and detectio of forgery in white collar crime 23rd Feb 2023
2022 Sherlock Institute for Forensic Science Certificate Course 3rd May 2023 to 31stMay 2023
2022 RamjasCollege, University of Delhi 1.Internship (Mathematic Students) 11th July 2023 to 1stAug 2023
2. Webinar on Complexity in Data Science andApproach to Study Fragility in Financial Market 13th July 2022
3. Seminar on Air Quality Assessment 4th Oct 2022
2022 Hansraj College 1. FDP- Modern Scientific Technologies: Ways to Enhance Research Skills 26th Dec 2022-31st Dec 2022
2. Performance Enhancement on Solar Thermal Collector 9th Dec 2022
3. Seminar on Importance of E-Learning 14th Sep 2022
4. Internship 4th July 2023 to 5th Aug 2023
2022 Normi Research Foundation Patenting a Research and Innovations-Procedural Aspects with Specimens 29th June 2022
2022 Gargi College, University of Delhi 1. Study of optical phonons of monolayered Ruddlesden-Popper Compounds A2ZrO4 (A=Sr, Ba) 25th Sep 2023
2. Dissertation 31st Dec 2023
3. Lattice Dynamical Investigation of the Raman and Infra-Red wave number of Ruddlesden-Popper Compound Sr3Ti2O7 21st July 2022
4. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied to Material Discovery and Design 29th Sep 2022
5. FDP-Research Techniques in Science and Technology 18th July 2023 to 23rd July 2023
2022 J M Environet Pvt Ltd 1. Water Quality and Sanitation : Impact on Human Health 11th Oct 2022
2. Industrial Visit to J. M. Environet Pvt Ltd, Gurugram 6th June 2022
2022 MOU with AECC India Pvt. Ltd. 1. On the job traning programme 24th Mar 2023
2022 MOU with Emazing Ideas Execution Pvt Ltd. 1. Filmography (Film Festival) 23rd to 25th Nov2022
2. Visual Exhibition 23rd to 25th Nov2022
2021 MOU with Meant4Enviornmen 1. Sesion with Meant4Environment- Project work 13th Feb 2023
2. Training Progrma on Code of Coduct for students
2022 Fortis Memorial Research Hospital Gurugram Activity 1: A Health Camp 18th Apr 2023
2022 QSD FORMULATIONS PVT. LTD. Activity 1: Guest lecture on regulation required for import and manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals & Cosmeceuticals 1st Sep 2022
2021 Polaris Hospital, Gurugram Activity 1: Guest Lecture on “Experience and Expertise” 31st Aug 2022
Activity 2: Workshop on Health, Hygiene and Fitness for well being on 25th Nov’2022
Activity 3: Workshop on Ethical Communication and Workplace Etiquettes on 30th Nov’2022
2019 Medanta Institute of education and research Activity 1: Public Health Project(Anaemia Mukt Haryana/ Bharat) 29th Aug 2023
Activity 2:Health Project (Anaemia Mukt Haryana/ Bharat) 5th-6th June 2023
Activity 3: Workshop on Data Analysis in Humanities and social sciences (Existing MOU Partner – Shobhit University) 29th-30th Nov 2022
2022 Ektaa Hospitals Activity 1: Guest Lecture on Experience Our Expertise 1st Sep 2023
Activity 2:Seminaron Values and Duties in Healthcare Professionals 1st May 2023
2022 Medox Hospital, Gurugram Activity 1: Health Camp Check up at Ghamroj village 15th Sep 2022
Activity 2:World Physiotherapy Day 8th Sep 2022
2022 MOU with Piloo Mody College of Architecture in Cuttack, Odisha 1. International Conference. -Year 2022 24th to 26th June 2022
2. Session on Collaborative Studio on Urban Design with PMCA,-Year 2022 1st Dec 2022
2022 MOU with RV College of Architecture 1. International Conference.-2022 24th to 26th June 2022
2. Interpretations of Indigenous Crafts in Architecture and Interior Design by Ar. Alisha Sinha-2022. 27th Sep 2022
3. Academic Collaboration Programme between RVCA and School of Architecture and Design, KRMU as per MOU
2022 MOU with Kamilini Voccational Centre 1. Career Couseling Session- and Certificate Ceremony -2022 28th Apr 2022
2. Workshop on Skill development in product photography using smartphone for commercial purposes 12th Dec 2022
2022 The Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara, (DA_Unife),Italy 1. International Conference.-2022 24th to 26th June 2022
2.Session on Documentation on Urban Heritage 4th Nov 2022
2022 H P Singh Memorandum of Understanding 1. Industry Visit to HP Singh 27-09-2022
2. Worshop at HP Singh on Fabric study and weave knowledge 09-09-2022
2022 Indian Art and Craft 1. Workshop on Block Printing 17th Oct 2022
2. Industry Visit to Understand Various Style of Printing 14th Oct 2022
2022 Sonu Exim 1. Guest Lecture on role of merchandiser in garment industry 2nd Dec 2022
2. Industry Visit to understand the production process at Export House 28th Nov 2022
2022 Babu Banarasi Das University 1. Student Exchange program to Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow under MoU 14th-20th May’2023
2. Academic collaboration project work jury, under MoU with Babu Banarasi Das University 15th May 2023 to 19th May 2023
2022 Green Planters Survey of different exotic vegetables under MOU with Green Planters (field project) 3rd Nov 2022
2022 Kinder Polyfarm 1. Field project and workshop on composting under MOU with Kinder Polyfarm 03 Nov 2022
2. Field survey of Different horticultural, spices and condiments crops (Activity Under MoU with Kinder Polyforms) 22nd Feb 2022
2022 Biocredence 1. “Field project on hands on collection of insects, soil && water samples under MoU Biocredence 22nd Dec 2022
2. Session on Preparation of media for mushroom cultivation (Activity Under MoU with Biocredence) 2nd Dec 2022
3. Field Project on Production of Medicinal-value Muhsrooms(Activity 1 Under MoU with Biocredence) 11th Nov 2022
2021 Pranab Mukherjee Foundation 1. Field Project on the Art of Vermicomposting (Activity 1 Under MoU with Pranab Mukherjee Foundation) 3rd Nov 2022
2. An activity on Lemon grass oil extraction and techniques under MoU with Pranab Mukhrajee Foundation 11th Oct 2022
3. An activity on Post harvest handling of Mushrooms under MoU with Pranab Mukhrajee Foundation 11 Oct 2022
4. An interactive session on weed management under organic crop production system (Activity Under MoU with Pranab Mukherjee Foundation) 6th Sep 2022
2022 Council for Teacher Education Foundation (CTEF) Delhi- NCR Chapter 1. Collaborative Research Publication – Book on Teacher Education – Rhetoric, Reality and Revisionism, published by EZ Education
2. Digital Poster Making Competition (Commemorating World Ozone Day 2022). 16th Sep 2022
3. Training Programme on “Professional Ethics & Code of Conduct for Teachers” 11th Nov 2022
4. Faculty Development Programme on ‘Bharatiya Jana Parampara’ (Indian Knowledge Systems) in collaboration with CTEF and Viva Education 2nd March’2023 to 8th March’2023
5. One-week Online Faculty Development Program on “National Education Policy (NEP 2020): New Reforms in Higher Education” 27th July’2022 to 2nd Aug 2022
2022 Human Touch Foundation 1. Collaborative Research Publication – Book Chapter titled Induction Programmes for Teachers- Teacher Education – Rhetoric, Reality and Revisionism, published by EZ Education
2. Presentation Competition on “Poverty Alleviation Strategies in Developing Countries” (commemorating International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2022) 17th Oct 2022
2022 Vishwa Yuvak Kendra 1. Published Book Chapter titled “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development” on the book “Global Goals: A Primer to Sustainable Development Goals” published by EZ Education, Noida, UP. 2022
2. Seminar on “Fostering Entrepreneurial Mind-sets in the Youth of India” in collaboration with Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi and KEIC. 28th Dec 2022
2022 Gurushala Pratham Education Foundation 1. On -the-Job Training on “Creating Open Educational Resources” 3rd Apr 2023 to 20th Apr 2023
2. Soft Skills Enhancement Workshop on the topic “Leadership Skills for Teachers” in collaboration with Gurushaala, Pratham Education Foundation 11th Jan 2023
3. Trends in Technology Enhancement Workshop on “Digital Skills for Educators and e-content Development” 29th Nov 2022
4. Workshop on E-content creation in collaboration with Gurushaala, Pratham Education Foundation. 7th Dec 2022
2022 Blooming Recall LLP 1. Panel Discussion on “Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Inclusive Pedagogy for Education for All” 30th Dec 2022
2023 APPWARS Field Project on Digital Marketing for CSE Students with APPWARS 10th April 2023 to 10th June 2023
2022 GAPCRUD Private Limited Workshop on “Full Stack Applications in IOT With GAPCRUD ​ 30th March 2022
2022 CDAC 1. Training of trainer course Big Data Analytics by CDAC, Noida 11th-22nd July’2022
2. Expert Talk on AI in Document Image Processing and NLP in Collaboration with CDAC, Noida 18th Oct 2022
2022 FROYO Workshop on Big data Analytics under MOU with FRYO Technologies 14th Sep 2022
2021 State University of Aerospace instruments, St. Petersburg, Russia International Conference with St. Petersburg university UNDER MOU with St. Petersburg university 4th-6th June’2022
2023 Deep Red Coffee (i) Making Different classic coffees with a project report. 2nd May 2023 to 09th May 2023
(ii) Making of fusion coffees with Deep Red under project report. 2nd May 2023 to 09th May 2023
2023 Country Inn & Suites by Radission (i) Working in a professional bakery in CIS (project report) 10th May 2023
(ii) Working in the reservations office of the Front Office in CIS (project report). 10th May 2023
2023 Fairmount Hotels & Resorts Activity1 :-Project work Second new MOU (Fairmont Jaipur) Project work part one: Orientation of the complete hotel and its departments 20th Oct 2023 to 20th Nov 2023
Activity2: Project work Second new MOU (fairmont Jaipur) Project work part two: Working in a specific department 20th Oct 2023 to 20th Nov 2023
2023 Posh Domo Activity1: Project work on: Understanding the expectations of the employers, w.r.t. Jobs Description of Room attendants and Home Chef 30th Nov 2023
Activity2: Project work First new MOU (Posh Domo), Project work: Students will be designing the curriculum for the Jobs related to Housekeeping and Home Chef 30th Nov 2023
2022 Radisson Hotel Gurugram, Sohna Road City Center 1. Visit to Radisson Sohna for deep understanding of the kitchen department and career counselin 5th Dec 2022
2. Shadowing Front Office and House Keeping Members and career counseling 11th Nov 2022
3. In- Depth Understanding of working of Cold and Hot Kitchen 06th Dec 2022
(i) Industrial Visit to understand different career options in Front Office. (Under Project report)
(ii) Industrial visit for observe working with House Keeping Members and career counseling. (Under project report)
2023 MoU with Niranakari Baba, Gurbachan Singh Memorial College. Activity 1: Student Exchange Program is going on from . 19th April to 28th April 2023
Activity 2: Book Chapter for edited book in collaboration with N.B.G.S.M. College, Sohna
2023 Counsel India Activity 1: Internship on ” Psychological and counselling skills with their practical implementations At Counsel India
2022 Kasturba Institute of Psychology & Behavioural Medicine Activity 1: Workshop on Emotional Intelligence 11-05-2022
2022 Unique Psychological Services Activity 1: Workshop on Ethical Communication and Workplace Etiquettes on 30th Nov’2022
Activity 2: Workshop on Health, Hygiene and Fitness for well being on 25th Nov’2022
Activity 3: Workshop on Team work & Interpersonal Relationships on 24th Nov’2022
2022 Shobhit University Activity 1: Student Exchange program of minimum 2 events (Existing MOU Partner – Shobhit University) 7th-13th May’2023
Activity 2: Faculty exchange program (Existing MOU Partner – Shobhit University) 7th-13th May’2023
Activity 3: Workshop on Data Analysis in Humanities and social sciences (Existing MOU Partner – Shobhit University) 29th-30th Nov’2022
2022 Karat Law Academy 1. Guest Lecture on Indian Version of ResGestae by KLA 10th Feb, 2022
2. Worshop on Essentials of Crime By KLA 31st March, 2022
3. Workshop on “Crime and Punishment: The Law of Rape in India and “Confession to Police Officer” 9th May, 2022
4. Workshop on Domestic Violence 16 sept, 2022
5. Career Counseling and Shcolarship Drive 16 sept, 2022
6. Workshop on Competitive Exams Preparation: Judiciary Strategy and Tips 19 Sept, 2023
2022 V Rankers Judiciary 1. Guest Lecture on GUEST LECTURE on Jurisprudential Analysis of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC): Competency to take Cognizance and Competency to Trial by V Ranker’s 6th april 2022
2. Case Study of MC Mehta versus Union of India and Career Counseling on Competitive Exam 24 Aug, 2022
2022 Knowledge Steez Edu Hub LLP 1. Seminar On Sexual Harrassment at Workplace 12 Oct, 2022
2. Case Study on Bandhua Mukti Morcha Versus Union of India and Right to Education versus Child Labour” 17 Oct, 2022
3. Training Program for Non-Teaching Staff: Spreading Awareness about Legal Apps 12 Nov, 2022
2022 Donation Box India Foundation 1. Plantation Drive in Collaboration with Donation Box India Foundation 31 Aug, 2022
2022 MIT World Peace University 1. Human Rights Day Celebration 23 Dec, 2023
2. Student Interaction Program with MIT World Peace University 7th Feb, 2023
2022 The Chambers Advocates and Legal Consultants 1. Workshop on Safe Uses of Social Media 6 Sept, 2022
2. Keshwanand Bharti v. State of Kerala 15-02-2023
3. Inernship 1st July-31st July’2023
2022 Tankam Law Classes 1. Collaborative research on Recent Case Study/ amendments in POCSO Act, 2012 6 Apr, 2023
2. Collaborative Research on Recent Case Study/ amendments on Pre Conception and Pre natal Diogonistic Technique Act, 1994 5 June, 2023
2021 Pahuja Law Academy 1. Workshop on Guest Lecture by Pahuja Law Academy Law of Evidence 18 Nov, 2021
2.Workshop on Constitutional Rights By Pahuja Law Academy 28 March, 2022
3. Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law 22 July 2022
4. Competitive Exams Preperation Strategy and Tips 26 Sept, 2022
5. Competitive Exams Preperation Strategy and Tips 21 March, 2023
2022 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, University of Delhi 1. Project work by students 15th July 2023
2022 Infra Mantra Pvt. Ltd. 1. Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development 2nd May 2023
2022 Unison International Consulting Pvt. Ltd 1.Industrial Visit to Unison International Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 3rd Dec 2022
2. Student Internship 6th July 2022 to 19th Aug 22
2022 Reality Smart Pvt. Ltd 1.Workshop with SmartRealty on Career opportunities in real estate sector 8th Dec 2022
2. Internship with SmartRealty 5th July 2022 to 5th Sep 2022
2022 Digital Marveled 1. SIP with Digital Marvelled 30th Aug 22
2022 AV IP solutions 1.AV IP Solutions Students internship-Satabadee 12th July 2022 to 14th Sep 2022
2. AV IP Solutions-SIP_Shubhasheesh 25th Sep 2022 to 24th Sep 2022
3. FDP on Intellectual Property Rights 22nd Aug 2022 to 27th Aug 2022
2022 The institute of Company Secreteries of India 1 Workshop on “Corporate Restructuring” by ICSI 8th Dec 2022
2. Workshop on Career Awareness Program on Company Secretary 9th Dec 2022