Student Achievements

Subhojit Mukhopadhyay

B.Tech CSE 3rd Year

  • Successfully completed the internship with a German MNC as a cyber security intern at Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs.
  • He Attended the ACM India Winter School 2022 which was hosted by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay from 12th December’22 to 22nd December’22. The domain was “Topics in Digital Trust”.

Billy Jasneel Singh

B.Tech CSE 3rd Year

  • He is offered the position of AI-ML Engineer in a Indo-American based start-up, holding. He represented the company in front of more than 120 countries under the topic of SDGs in an international, globally recognized meeting for startups, namely "CATALYST 2030".

Nandini Chauhan

BCA 2nd Year

  • Got 1st position in project display competition in SGT University.
  • Got 1st position in project presentation in KIIT college of engineering

Ayush Solanki

B.Tech AI & Ml 3rd Year

  • Published a book Chapter in Redshine International Publications with chapter title “Zero Day-A anatomy of Cyber threats.

Ritik Kumar

B.Tech AI & Ml, 3rd Year

  • Published a book Chapter in Redshine International Publications with chapter title “A new era of Innovation- AI contribution to Industry transformation to SGDs”

Shruti Gupta

B.Tech AI & Ml 3rd Year

  • Published two research chapters in the Multidisciplinary recent trends in research (vol-5 and vol-6) by Redshine publications
  • “Flight Code: Programing the future of Aviation with AI”
  • Smart Hospitals: Applying Machine Learning to transform Healthcare Services

Simran Katariya

MCA, 2nd Year

  • published a book chapter titled 'Navigating the future: AI and the SDG Agenda' published in the book 'Recent Trends in Multidisciplinary Research (Vol-6).'

Asish Kaushik

MCA, 2nd Year

  • Authored a book chapter titled "Urban Planning: Smart Cities and Transport Optimization," which was published by Red Shine Publications.
  • Achieved 2nd position at KR Open Source Expo '23 for project, the Fake News Detector. This project effectively identifies and mitigates fake news using advanced algorithms.

Shourya Tyagi

Congratulations to Mr. Shourya Tyagi, B.Tech CSE (AI & ML) III Yr for getting offer of Research Internship at IIT Bombay

  • Shourya Tyagi got a Research Internship at CSE department, IIT Bombay under the guidance of Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan and Project research Scientist, Dr. Venkatapathy Subramanian. The Internship is about building and researching on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for the Indic Languages.
  • The Internship is of 1 year and after the completion of the internship he shall be awarded with a certificate of completion and a LOR (letter of recommendation) from the Professor Ganesh Ramakrishna. He got the internship through Internshala. Shourya Tyagi went through following steps to qualify for internship at IITB.
  • In the first round, he was asked to complete one assignment in which he was asked to “create bounding boxes for each line in the Sanskrit text provided in the attached file.
  • The second round was online interview round where he was first asked about the assessment, what technique he used to solve the problem and complete the task and how he can improve it. He was also asked some basic machine learning, NLP, computer vision and deep learning questions and finally he was asked to solve some coding problems (Alice problem, Indian coin exchange) in a given timeframe and asked about some python functions like about zip, list to string etc.
  • And finally he went through personality assessment test.
  • After clearing all round, finally he was selected for the machine learning internship at IITB.
  • On behalf of School of Engineering & Technology, we congratulate Mr. Shaurya Tyagi for his achievement.

Startup project

स्व-LOCKER: Reinventing Secure Storage

  • स्व-LOCKER is a startup founded by Taranpreet Kaur and co-founded by Shubham Chadha of B.Tech CSe 1st Year. Idea is to provide innovative and secure storage solutions for modern lifestyles. Team has developed a unique locker system that combines both digital and physical storage, revolutionizing the way people safeguard their valuables.
  • This project is also shortlisted for HICOOL 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Competition - One of the Top 10 Global Startup Ecosystems in Beijing.

The linux foundation’s lfx Mentorship program’s spring 2022

  • Abhinav Sinha, a 4th year B. Tech CSE student from School of Engineering & Technology, has successfully graduated from The Linux Foundation’s LFX Mentorship program’s Spring 2022 semester. During this program he has directly worked on the development of an official Kubernetes sub-project. The stipend for the successful completion of this program is $3,000.
  • Abhinav Sinha is also placed with multinational company ‘Nirmata” at 20 LPA in 2023.

Alibaba cloud low code development contest 2022

Dev Watts, second position in India

Milind Udhav, Innovation award,
$200 Alibaba cloud credits

  • K R Mangalam organized a Bootcamp of ALIBABA CLOUD LOW CODE DEVELOPMENT CONTEST 2022 in collaboration with Indiaspark on 7th March. Dev Watts, student of B.Tech CSE VI semester, won the second position at the national level and Milind Udhav, student of B.Tech CSE VI semester, won the Innovation Award . K R Mangalam University also won the trophy of best organizer among 150 universities. This contest was organized at the National level by Alibaba Cloud.
  • Alibaba Cloud Low-Code Development Contest was a virtual solution building contest for professionals and students in India, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, organized by Alibaba Cloud and IndiaSpark.

Internship at ministry of electronics and information technology (meity).

Internship & project completion at niti aayog

  • Ms. ADITYA SINGH from MCA 2nd Year completed the 6 months internship program as a WEB DEVELOPER at Niti Aayog. He got the opportunity to work with the Niti Aayog instructors, Scientists, and National Informatics Centre (NIC) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is the technology partner of the Government of India.