Our Deans

At the University of K.R. Mangalam, as members of the deans’ council, deans play a central role, individually and as a group, in the university’s academic administration.

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Ms. Indrani Ghoshal Basu
Dean Architecture & Planning

About SOAP

School of Architecture and Planning at K.R. Mangalam University offers, council of Architecture (COA) approved, five years B.Arch. Programme. This Programme has the...visit school page

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Dr. Meena Bhandari
Dean Basic & Applied Sciences

About SBAS

The School of Basic and Applied Sciences at K.R. Mangalam University imparts teaching and conducts researchthrough various science disciplines viz Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The School enhances ...visit school page

Dr. Ram Kinkar Pandey
Dean Engineering & Technology

About SOET

The School of Engineering & Technology at K.R. Mangalam University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These Engineering Programmes ...visit school page

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Prof. Arti Koul Kachroo
Dean Education Dean Fashion
Dean Humanities

About SOED

The institute of training goes for building up the identity of the understudies, with the goal that they wind up commendable residents of the nation” .The mission of the ...visit school page

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Dr. Kiran Bala
Dean Journalism & Mass Comm

About SJMC

School of Journalism and Mass Communication at K.R. Mangalam University aim to develop critical and analytical thinking skills in the students who desire to pursue career ...visit school page

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Prof. (Dr.) krishan Mahajan
Dean Legal Studies

About SOLS

School of Legal Studies at K.R. Mangalam University offers Bar Council of India (BCI) approved five year BBA LL.B (H) integrated programme, five year B.Com. LL.B. (H) integrated programme, ...visit school page

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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Garg
Dean Medical & Allied Sciences

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School of Medical and Allied Sciences at K.R. Mangalam University offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T) and Master courses...visit school page

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Prof. Vijay Anand Dubey
Dean Management & Commerce

About SOMC

he School of Management and Commerce at K.R. Mangalam University takes pride in its professional and highly-qualified faculty members, modern infrastructure, ...visit school page