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Deans' Message

As Dean of School of Architecture & Planning, I feel privileged in leading a highly driven team of accomplished faculty members as well as extremely motivated students.

Since its inception in 2013, School of Architecture & Planning has been running the 5 year undergraduate programme of Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) recognized by Council of Architecture. This programme is multidisciplinary and students approach architectural design holistically with special emphasis on environment, socio-political aspects and urban context.

Undergraduate Programmes in Interior Design were launched in 2019. All students at School of Architecture and Planning are mentored personally to reach their full potential in a highly positive and nurturing environment. Students are introduced to collaborative learning by exposing them to hybrid teams across batches to come up with innovative design solutions. This has proven to uplift students’ ability remarkably both as individual designers as well as creative teams.

Students work on live projects and deal with real life issues on the ground. Some students of architecture have been involved in authentic documentation and study of urban villages within the districts of Sohna and Gurgaon which are steadily diminishing due to the rapid urbanization of their neighbourhods. The students, while studying these villages, have analysed problems like water logging, gender divide and the environmental threat to Aravallis in the same region. They have provided solutions by identifying natural slopes, water catchment points and settlement patterns of the urban villages. Students have also addressed gender ratio issues by providing community recreational spaces that are both, safe and welcoming for women and children. Students have also participated in national level competitions and have been recognized for their ingenuity in design.

At this point, when COVID 19 has decelerated growth in many spheres, our students and faculty members have shown extraordinary commitment and enthusiasm by transcending the limits of time and space and connecting on virtual platforms that enable smart screen as well as endless options for virtual learning. Some students have also articulated COVID solutions within their Housing Designs and received recognition on national level.

School of Architecture and Planning offers a blend of freedom and discipline to all students of Architecture and Interior Design to maximize their creative potential and enhance their learning experience.