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"Teaching is the greatest form of optimism." - Colleen Wilox

Education, as an instrument of social change, plays a crucial role not only in character building and personality development but also prepares the individual to face the challenges of life with determination and confidence. The most important skill of 21st century is adaptability. A teacher needs to formulate, construct, arrange, modify and make sense of information; so that it is understood as knowledge. Knowledge empowers leaders, drives breakthroughs, and inspires discoveries. With every milestone reached, sights are set beyond the horizon, bringing hope and peace for the journey ahead.

School of Education was established with an objective to impart value education in the field of teacher education with an integrated approach and provides the right ambience to pursue higher studies in a secure atmosphere under the care of highly experienced & qualified faculty. Our faculty are recognized as a multi-faceted and vibrant environment where high quality academic programs provide students with the skills necessary to make a difference in their future classrooms, schools, organizations and communities and are distinguished scholars renowned for their research expertise and contributions to theory and policy; our alumni are agents of change in classrooms across the nation and beyond; and our dedicated staff who are the frontline support of our daily operation.

At School of Education (SOED), we are committed to creating and ensuring excellent learning experiences and schools for every child. SOED is a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff and alumni with the passion for equity and excellence in education. We work every day to achieve our vision through cutting-edge research, innovative district partnerships and outreach, development of relevant and inspiring coursework, and ongoing effective practice in the most challenging education settings.

We are proud of our reputation of being a centre of innovation and community based learning where students can put theory into practice to answer some of the most pressing and challenging questions faced in education today, in order to make a difference. Here, in the School of Education, creating community impact is a core value that connects all our work. Simply put, we strive to make people’s lives better.

Through our work in the community and our strong partnerships, our students have access to unique opportunities that provide robust, real world career experience and takes pride in our exceptional culture. School of Education is:

Research centered Students work side-by-side in world-class facilities with award-winning faculty researchers to find innovative solutions in the fields of education.

Interdisciplinary & collaborative Students have opportunities to partner with other academic units as well as organizations on campus and beyond through specialized coursework, service learning projects, and global study abroad experiences.

Community & culturally focused We have practicum, and internship relationships with government and private schools, nonprofit organizations.

Support-driven Our academic advising team, graduate faculty advisors, professors, administrators, and staff are here to walk with students through their entire academic career. Students are set up for success from the very beginning

We have resolved to prepare competent teachers armored with latest teaching skills to handle the students of modern age and impart quality education. The new teachers will not only be repository of knowledge but also source of inspiration to develop mentally sound and emotionally balanced students with positive attitude, who will be strong enough to accept failures boldly and turn them to first rung of success.

I am confident that my committed faculty will prepare their pupil teachers to accept the challenges of tomorrow by facing & overcoming challenges of today. They will lend a gentle guiding hand to facilitate the students to recognize and develop their inner potential to realize their dreams

I extend heartiest wishes to teachers of today for preparing teachers of tomorrow………