Ethics and Integrity in Management and Legal Practices 08th-09th February, 2019

Ethics and Integrity in Management and Legal Practices 08th-09th February, 2019

08th-09th February, 2019
K.R. Mangalam World School, Gurgaon

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In today’s era of “Corporate scams and Insolvency of Big Firm Houses”, the business requires a strong moral discipline and sound corporate behavior for effective governance. The failure on part of contemporary business organizations to follow ethical practices and exhibit sound corporate citizenship not only negatively affects the profitability of the organization but also has a long term adverse effect on the corporate legal structure . A robust legal frame work and well defined corporate structure forms the backbone of contemporary business operating in both, domestic as well as the global market. Does India’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency – Code show the way? While various international bodies including legal and mercantile associations have provided the guidelines for “Good Corporate Behavior” and laid down the principles of “Ethical Legal Practices”, yet individuals and groups are still debating and discussing the ways and means to create an ethical business environment. There is an urgent need for discussion as to how ethics and integrity can be synergized with corporate and legal management, especially in the context of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code, 2016.

This conference is aimed at creating a platform for students, academicians, law practitioners and business organizations to work together for spreading a culture of corporate and legal ethics in business management.

Objectives of the conference

To inculcate a culture of integrity and ethics among the young entrepreneur community who is soon likely to join the corporate bandwagon. To increase awareness on what constitutes ethical behavior and how to draw the line between ethical and unethical behaviour with reference to the prescribed law. To create a platform for students, academicians, law practitioners and corporate executives who can work together in spreading awareness about the role of “integrity and ethics” including Management functions and legal practices.

Call for Papers

We invite empirical work / research articles, theoretical papers, research reports, case studies and research ideas for presentation at the conference as per the sub- themes given below:-

Sub Themes

Ethics and law in management – an anathema? Bankruptcy and insolvency code – requirements in Management. Integrity based approach to business accountancy and legal Management. Taxation and Fraud Making Profits – Boundaries of law and ethics. Now’s the time to Speak Up-Legal perspective to Whistle blowing Look who’s talking – Bigger the murkier Making room for ethics in the new world order Social Media, Ethics, #No More Integrity, the social impact of ethics and Corporate crimes. Workplace Management and sexual harassment. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality: Opportunities and Responsibilities. Robotics: The next great leap in management and legal world