Session on Human Trafficking & Strengthening Access To Justice

Session on Human Trafficking & Strengthening Access To Justice

12th January, 2021

12 January 2021: An online lecture was organized by the Gurugram District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) on the concerning topic of “Human Trafficking”. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Ravikant- President of SHAKTI VAHINI- a voluntary organization fighting against many evils of society such as human trafficking, child sexual abuse, child labour, child exploitation etc.

The session was attended by advocates, Station House Officers (SHOs), police stations of different sectors in Gurugram. Even women police station was the part of this program. The lecture was attended by the students of K R Mangalam University, Sohna Road.

Mr. Ravikant started the session talking about the rights of victims of Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse & Cyber Enabled Human Trafficking. He disclosed the data of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) regarding human trafficking. According to the data in Haryana, every year more than 2000 girls go missing and in whole of India the cases rise up to 60,000 which constitutes of 30-35% of girls.

Mr. Ravikant also discussed how the laws regarding human trafficking, child sexual abuse & cyber enabled human trafficking came into existence as an outcome of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013 & Nirbhaya Rape case. He also threw light upon how the criminals of these offences carry out their business hiding from the eyes of law. He even stated that children who remain missing are either used for organ trading into different countries. While the girls who go missing are thrown into the business of prostitution.

Mr. Ravikant many times gave reference of a landmark judgment Budhadev Karmaskar v. State of West Bengal. This case mainly dealt with the rights of sex workers and how they should be treated equally.