Event Cultural Club Webinar

Event Cultural Club Webinar

9th November 2020

‘ A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.’

On 9th november’20, Cultural society of the K.R. Mangalam University conducted a webinar on “The Art of Creating Music”. This webinar was held on the online platform of Microsoft Teams and not only from Cultural Society, but also a large number of audience from various universities joined the session.

The special guest for the day was Mr Hiten sir, popularly known as #ihitenmusic. Hiten is a renowned music producer, singer and creator. He is known for many viral songs and remixes. He has also produced songs for many big musicians like Badshah , Tarsem Jasser and many more.

The event started where all the audiences, faculty members and special guests were welcomed. An introductory speech about Mr Hiten was given by the Cultural Society incharge and the student coordinator, Daksh Mehta. The main objective of this webinar was to give an insight about essentials of the composition of music, and the importance and challenges in front of the process of creating an idea into a whole new music.

The speaker shared lots of knowledge and information about composition of music and explained how struggles and failures play an important role in everyone’s life. He shared his many inspirational experiences with the audience and shared his idea of actually valuing things and successes and not losing hope even if things are not working out. The audience was in full enthusiasm and many different questions were asked about the production, scope of music career, upcoming projects and collaborations and many more. The lecture was interesting and gave all the students a great opportunity to learn many things in regards to music.

The webinar was a big hit and successfully completed its aim of providing awareness about the scope of music career. An interactive session was conducted throughout the webinar where he invited questions and responded to them in a lively and humorous manner. At the end, Mr Amit Kumar sir from the School of Management and Commerce gave the ending speech and ended a session with a small talk with Mr. Hiten. The efforts put by the Organising team and the Core Committee, specially by Daksh Mehta was appreciated.