Cyber Security Workshop in association with Euinac Technologies

Cyber Security Workshop in association with Euinac Technologies

20th-24th July 2020

School of Engineering and Technology organized five-day e-workshop on “Cyber Security” in association with Euinac Technologies from 20th-24th July 2020. The students from five different courses, along with faculty members attended the same.

The workshop aimed to introduce the students to the field of cyber security. The contents were delivered through hands-on session mode. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Anshul Pandey, CEO & Co-Founder of Euinac Technologies. He is a cyber-security expert and an avid speaker. He has delivered talks and workshops in various Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and universities. The main themes covered in the workshop were-

Day 1 (20th July): Introduction to Cyber Security
Day 2 (21st July): Basic Networking
Day 3 (22nd July): Web Security and Information Gathering
Day 4 (23rd July): Reverse Engineering
Day 5 (24th July): IOT Exploitation and Security

Starting with an introduction to the need for cybersecurity, the speaker discussed topics like networks, the internet, IP address, and IT Law on day 1. The day two was dedicated to understanding the essentials of networking including protocols, ports, IPs, throughput, and reliability. The third day was a hand-on session covering the topic of Information Gathering. Tools like Nmap, ping, whois, Maltego, and many others were thoroughly discussed. Introduction to malware, viruses, and authentication were topics delivered on day four of the workshop. After a sound talk on the legality and the theory of these topics. Hands-on session on Burp Suite was delivered, showing how the tool can be used for web security testing. The last day was reserved for Software Reverse Engineering and IoT Exploitation. Mr. Anshul explained with examples how one can read the assembly-level code of any executive file on windows using OllyDbg software. He explained how it can be used to test whether our program can be cracked using reverse engineering. In the second half of the class, Mr. Anshul gave the students an introduction to the importance of IoT device security and how firmware’s need to be tested.

It was an interactive and learning experience.