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K.R. Mangalam University organizes Rubaroo 2019

K.R. Mangalam University organizes Rubaroo 2019

27 September
K.R.Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University organized RUBAROO 2019 to welcome their new batch on 27th September 2019. The annual festivity provided opportunity for freshers to showcase their talent and interact with their seniors. The day started with the lighting of ceremonial lamp by the dignitaries present on the occasion. Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Malik, Vice-Chancellor, KRMU; Prof. (Dr.) Anita Sharma, Pro-Vice Chancellor, KRMU and Deans of all the schools were present on the occasion.

The program kicked off with the splendid Folk-dance performance by Renu from School of Medical & Applied Sciences. The day was filled with fun and frolic as students performed and participated in various competitions; solo dance, group dance, singing competitions, ramp walk. The seniors welcomed the freshers with open arms and did a ramp walk. It was indeed a moment of great pride to see talent of new batch and the zeal with which they participated in the event. The enthusiasm of the students was laudable.

Ms. Himanshi from SJMC was crowned Miss Fresher and Mr. Gagan from SJMC was declared Mr. Fresher. Karamajit from SJMC bagged the title of Mr. Photogenic 2019 and Senjuti from SOFD was declared Miss Photogenic 2019. Mr. Evening 2019 title was won by Akshay from SOLS and Shilpi from SOMC was declared Miss Charming 2019.

Fresher’s loved the welcome bash and appreciated the whole-hearted efforts of their seniors and the university. Prof. Aditya Malik, Vice Chancellor, KRMU appreciated the efforts of faculty and students. Prof. Arun Garg, Convener, Cultural Committee delivered vote of thanks. The event was well organized by cultural committee members Ms. Asha Sohal, Ms. Silky Sethy, Mr. Amit Kumar and Dr. Manasvi Maheshwari