Workshop on Fake News

Workshop on Fake News

27th October 2020

October 27, 2020: School of Journalism and Mass Communication organised a workshop on Fake News by Mrs Geetika Vashishta, Assistant Professor in Manav Rachna University and trainer at Factcheck.

She talked about the ultimate power of information, consequences of wrong information, Social Media prone to misinformation, Tools to bust Fake News and many more related concepts. The students got to know about Sources of Information and how they are used in media.

The session focused on making students understand the difference between traditional media and Social media and explained the whole procedure of checking news authenticity through various examples.

She tried to make the session interesting by asking questions and performing some practical exercises with the students. The session became more intruding when students checked the bias system of any prominent rumour or news which made it easier to understand.

The session was full of knowledge as it even talked about conspiracy theory, agenda-setting and gatekeeping while stroking on the practical aspects of it too. It was great learning all together for the young journalists as well as the rational audience who counter fake news on daily basis. The session concluded with a quiz at overall, it was a synergistic session.