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Dr. Meenu Vijarania

Associate Professor -Engineering & Technology

Interest Area(s)

  • Wireless networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Genetic Algorithm
PhD from Amity University Gurugram in 2019. Postgraduate from GGSIPU University New Delhi , in Information Technology. 12 years of full time professional experience and 2 years of I.T experience. In these years of academic experience she has taught diverse subjects like Advanced Java, Core Java, Computer Network, Wireless Networks, Operating System, Python. She has published more than 30 research papers in SCI, Scopus and UGC care journals, international conferences and book chapters.
  • PhD from Amity University Haryana, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Jan-2019
  • from Amity University, Gurgaon 
  • M.Tech (I.T.) from CDAC,GGSIPU, Noida in 2007.
  • B.E(I.T) from SITM, MDU in 2005. 
  • Associate professor at K.R.Mangalam University, Gurugram from November 2021 – Till date).
  • Assistant professor at Amity University, Gurugram from July 2011 – November 2021.
  • Assistant professor at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurugram from Jan 2010  to Jun 2011.
  • Wireless networks, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm, IoT.
Paper presentations:
  • V. K. Harikrishnan, Meenu, Ashima Gambhir,Neural AutoML with Convolutional Networks for Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis, Machine Intelligence and Smart Systems, Proceedings of MISS 2020, Pages 145-157.
  • Meenu Vijarania, Akshat Agrawal, Mayank Mohan Sharma, Task Scheduling and Load Balancing Techniques Using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing, Soft Computing: Theories and Applications pp 97-105, Volume 1381.
  • Nanda, A., Gupta, S., Vijrania, M., A Comprehensive Survey of OLAP: Recent Trends Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Electronics and Communication and Aerospace Technology, ICECA 2019, 2019, pp. 425–430, 8822203.
  • Neha Malik, Vivek Jaglan, Shashikant Gupta, Meenu Vijarania, A Search of Diversity in Type Ia Supernova Using Self Organizing Map (SOM), Proceedings of International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Data Science Applications, 737-744, Springer, Singapore, 2021.
  • Neha Malik, Shashikant Gupta, Vivek Jaglan, Meenu Vijarania , Searching Sub-classes Within Type Ia Supernova Using DBSCAN, International Conference on Advanced Informatics for Computing Research, 79-88, Springer, Singapore.
  • Attended 5 days workshop on ‘Computational Methods for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology’ on 5th July - 9th July 2021.
  • Coordinated and Attended 5 days FDP on “Cyber and Mobile Security” conducted by ATS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amity School of Engineering & Technology. 
  • Organized 5 days Short Term Course on “ LASER: Applications and Developments“ Conducted by NITTTR Chandigarh through MHRD, Govt. of India.
  • Vijarania, Meenu, Vivek Jaglan, and Brojo Kishore Mishra. "The Modelling of an Energy Efficient Algorithm Considering the Temperature Effect on the Lifetime of a Node in a Wireless Network." International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) 12.2 (2020): 87-101.
  • Meenu, V. Jaglan ,“Optimal Route Selection by predicting Nodes Lifetime in a Homogeneous Wireless Ad-hoc Network using Genetic Algorithm” is published in Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 2216-2225, 2018.  
  • Meenu, V. Jaglan, “Comparative analysis of power aware routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc network” is International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2.4, pp. 170-173, 2018. (Scopus Indexed) .
  • Meenu, V. Jaglan ,“Estimation of Network Lifetime Considering Ageing Effect on Battery Capacity of Mobile Devices in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network”, IEEE Proceedings .
  • Meenu Vijarania, “Genetic Algorithm Based Power Aware Multicast Routing Strategies in Wireless Ad-hoc Network”, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research , Vol. 5, No.6, pp. 531-534.
Book Chapters
  • V.K. Harikrishnan, Meenu Vijarania, and Ashima Gambhir, Diabetic retinopathy, identification using autoML, Computational Intelligence and Its Applications in Healthcare, Elsevier, 978012820604,pp. 175-188.
  • M Vijarania, N Dahiya, S Dalal, V Jaglan, WSN Based Efficient Multi-Metric Routing for IoT Networks, Green Internet of Things for Smart Cities, 2021 , Edition1st Edition, First Published 2021,CRC Press, 249-262,  ISBN-9781003032397.