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Dr. Rishi Pal

Assistant Professor -Medical & Allied Sciences

Interest Area(s)


Having more than 15 years experience in teaching and pharmaceutical industry in different formulations. Published more than 30 review & research articles in national and international peer-reviewed & Indexed Journals. Attended more than 20 national & international conferences /symposium and FDP’s and presented posters & research papers there Best publication award by ISSST, Jadavpur university. Guided Post graduate pharmacy students.
  • B. Pharm (2000), MDU, Rohtak).
  • M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) (2006) RGPV, Bhopal.
  • Ph.D.(Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016), JNU, Jodhpur.
  • 15 years (Academic & Industrial (formulation production)

Nano-micro Formulations, Exploitation & utilization of natural resources for their phyto-nutrients in beneficial of human health

  • More than 20 conferences and workshops
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Review Publications
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