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Dr. Shweta Kumar (PT)

Assistant Professor -Medical & Allied Sciences

Interest Area(s)

  • Disorders of Gynecological origin 
  • Lymphedema care 
  • Sports Injuries 
  • Asymptomatic Lower back pain and core muscle recruitment 

Dr. Shweta Kumar (PT) have been working as a physical therapist in Delhi NCR, having clinical experience in patient handling across OPD and IPD setup in Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital Saket, Delhi for 1+ years. Have been taking antenatal classes for young expectant mothers and providing lymphedema care for post cancer patients of gynecological origin. Academically have strived for excellence with practical as well as theoretical factors of learning modules that have formulated for better care towards students’ holistic academic development. Have worked with MVN University Palwal, Haryana for 3+ years as Department Coordinator and IQAC member. Presently working as Assistant professor in Department of Physiotherapy, School of medical and allied sciences, KR Mangalam University, Sohna. 

  • BPT- Jamia Hamdard (2010-2015), 
  • MPT- Musculoskeletal (2017-2019)-Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy, University Of Delhi 
  • Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Saket (2015-2016) 
  • MVN University, Palwal, Haryana (2019-2022) 

Research areas are largely based on interest areas with ongoing projects in the field of cancer and physiotherapy. 

  • Conference paper published on recruitment of transversus abdominis and its correlation with body composition in INCPT AIIMS 2018 an international conference held in New Delhi.      
  • Published an article- on effectiveness of transversus abdominis muscle recruitment order, lumbar mobility and stability on healthy college students- a case study in Journal of society of Indian physiotherapists an ICJME recognized journal in 2019.  (Conference paper) (http://doi.org/10.18231/j.jsip.2019.009)       
  • Conference paper published on core stability exercises in young students a pilot study in SPORTSCONNECT 2019 an national conference held in New Delhi.     
  • Attended 2nd International workshop: - ISOKINETIC: Basic Principle and Procedure in Clinical Practice, Theme: Physiotherapy Metamorphis with Vision in Public Health on December 13th and 15th 2013 held at Rehabilitation Centre, Jamia Hamdard organised by AIIMS.  
  • Participated in Special Olympics Bharat during Healthy Athletes Fit Feet program   from February 25th to February 26th, 2014 held at Asha Kiran, New Delhi.       
  • Participated in hands on workshop on NDT / BOBATH principles for assessment and treatment of Adult Hemiplegia held at AIIMS.       
  • Academic excellence certificate for securing first place and Giroudi award along with cash prize from Amarjyoti institute of Physiotherapy Annual day 2018 and 2019. 
  • Completed a certificate course on Psychological first aid from coursera.       
  • Created elearning websites for MVN university on the subjects of cardiopulmonary, orthopedics, gynecology and obstetrics, Biomechanics and fundamentals of exercise therapy.   
  • Attended an FDP program organised by NITTR Chennai as part of teacher learning series on OBE pattern of education policy markers.   
  • As part of research work during BPT 4th year I have done a case study on Physiotherapeutic Management on Fracture of First Lumbar Vertebra. Also, I was part of a research work on a case of Hoffa’s Fracture that was published in  Saudi Sports Journal year-2015, issue-3, page -291-294.     (http://www.sjosm.org/text.asp?2015/15/3/291/164320)       
  • A paper published on the topic “To Determine the Association of Lower Cross Syndrome with Postural Change and Low Back Pain caused by Different Type of Foot Wear” in journal of International journal of science and research (IJHSR).   https://www.ijsr.net/get_abstract.php?paper_id=SR22515213020