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Mr. Thomas Monteiro

Assistant Professor -Legal Studies

Interest Area(s)

  • His research interests are sociology of religion
  • sociology of law
  • state and politics
  • Gender studies and rituals.


He is PhD scholar from JMI, New Delhi doing his research on Bhoota Kola Spirit Possession Ritual: Caste, Class and Gender identity in Rural Mangalore. He has one year teaching experience as Assistant Professor and five years of industry experience. His research interests are rituals, sociology of religion, sociology of law and state.

  • SSC -1994 from Kerala State Education Board
  • PUC (12th) – 1996 from Karnataka State Education Board
  • BA (Hons) -2000 in History from Loyola College, Chennai
  • MA (Hons) – 2013 in sociology from Mumbai University
  • NET (2013) UGC
  • MPhil (2020) from JMI, New Delhi
  • PhD (2020 – pursuing) from JMI, New Delhi
  • 2018-19 (1 year) as Assistant Professor at Asian Law College, Noida
  • 2013-2015 (3 years) as Assistant Director at Arnold Bala Vikasa Ashram (NGO), Hyderabad


  • Has done extensive research on spirit possession cults existing in various countries for three years. He is also pursuing his PhD in Spirit Possession Ritual called Bhoota Kola.


  • Presented a paper titled “Secular State: Politics over Cow Slaughter” in an international seminar conducted by Sanskruti (Hyderabad) on 27-28, January 2017.
  • Contributed article “Secular State: Politics over Cow Slaughter” for the book by Lazar G and Jose K (ed. 2018) in Caste system in Contemporary India. ND: Mittal Publications. PP 327-35, ISBN 81-8324-896-92
  • Contributed article “Sanskritization and silencing of Subaltern Voices” in Lex Revista (2019).