SOED Faculty Dr. Prakash Channdra Jena KRMU


Prakash Chandra Jena

Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena

Associate Professor -Education

Interest Area(s)

Dr. Jena is the life membership of following research association: All india Association for Educational Research (AIAER),The Learning Community(TLC),Global Educational Research Assotiation (GERA),Council for Teacher Education (CTE) and also the editorial member and associated editor of the 10 reputed national and international journals

  • Ph.D. (Education) from Kuruksheetra University, Haryana,2007
  • M.Phill.(Education) from Kuruksheetra University, Haryana,2001
  • M.A(Education)from Kuruksheetra University, Haryana,1999
  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology,Annamalai University,Tamilnadu,2013
  • B.Ed.(Education) from Kuruksheetra University, Haryana,2000
  • B.A. (Hons) from Utkal University, Odisha,1995
  • 12/2016- present Associate Professor/HOD School of Education, K.R. Mangalam University, Haryana
  • 09/2007- 05/2016 Assistant Professor School of Education, Lovely Professional University, Punjab
  • 09/2006-09/2007 Senior Lecturer Indo Global Collage of Education, Abhipur, Punjab
  • 09/2004-08/2006 Lecturer Rajeev Academy for Teacher Education, Mathura, Utter Pradesh
  • 04/2000-05/2004 Teacher St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School, Kurukshetra, Haryana
  • 04/1999-03/2000 Teacher cum Special School cum Training Centre for the Mental Retarded
  • Counsellor and Cerebral Palsy Children, Kurukshetra, Haryana
  • 08/1995-07/1997 Teacher National Institution of Medical and Management Studies, Odisha
  • Educational Research, Educational Measurement, Educational Psychology, Classroom Management, Tribal Education, Teacher Education, Educational Management and Leadership, Educational Cost and Finance, Comparative Education, Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Dr. Jena is author of 05 books, author or co-author of 82 national and international journals/articles, contributed 32 chapters for edited books and some pertinent and recent publications are:
  • 1. Jena. P. C, 2016. Conflict Resolution and Occupational Stress Among Teacher Educators, The Journal of Man In India (ISSN :0025-1569), Vol.96, Issue-5, pp01-11
  • 2. Jena, P.C. 2017. Leadership Qualities: Best Practices for Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education, Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (ISSN: 2347-5374) ; Vol. 5,Issue-(9B), September- 2017, pp1228-1233
  • 3. Jena, P.C. 2018. Study habit of University Foreign Students in relation to Gender and Streams of Education, World Scientific News: An International Scientific Journal (2392-2192), Vol. 92(2), January 2018, pp.351-359.
  • 4. Jena, P.C. 2018. Social Competence among School going Adolescents with respect to their gender and Type of School, World Scientific News: An International Scientific Journal (EISSN:2392-2192), Vol. 105, July 2018, pp.14-28.
  • 5. Jena, P.C. 2018. SWOT Analysis: Best Practices For Enhancing Quality In Education, International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research (ISSN 2349-7780), Vol.5, Special Issue 4(XIV), October-December 2018, pp. 269-271
  • Dr. Jena is the recipient of Best Researcher Award (two times) in 2013 and 2014 by Division of Research and Development (DRD) Lovely Professional University, Punjab (India) and also the recipient of Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Purakar in 2017 by Global Management Council, Ahmadabad.
  • Professional Memberships, Editorial member and Associated Editors: Dr. Jena is the life membership of the following research associations: All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER), The Learning Community (TLC), Global Educational Research Association (GERA), Council for Teacher Education (CTE) and also the editorial member and associated editor of the 11 reputed national and international journals.