Horticulture in Agriculture a great pillar Induction Programme of School of Agricultural Sciences

Horticulture in Agriculture a great pillar discussed in the session organized by SOAS

27th June, 2020

5th Day (27.6.2020) Dr. Vinita Rajput a young horticulturist delivered her talk on “Horticulture in agriculture a great pillar”. Dr Sharma welcomed her and introduced her to the audiences. Although Dr. Vinita is very young in age, yet she is very intelligent and has vast knowledge of horticulture.

She started the talk with the saying that wherever there is Roti or Dal there is fruit and vegetable in that plate. There is a big role of fruits, vegetable, and floriculture in Indian economy. She told about the different types of fruits and vegetables grown in different parts of india. She discussed about the industries associated with horticulture like fruit and vegetable preservation factories of jam, jelly, murabba, pickle, fruit juice factories. She told about the growing of exotic fruits like strawberry and broccoli vegetable etc. She also discussed about precision farming, protected cultivation, mushroom cultivation.

At the end of her talk, she told the students about the placement after getting agriculture degree. They can get jobs in fruit, vegetables, and juice manufacturing industries in addition to jobs in government sector. They can start their own factory for production of value-added products like jam, jelly, juice, murabba and pickle etc.