Inauguration of Smart Ashram

Inauguration of Smart Ashram

15 February 2020
K.R. Mangalam University

A one of its kind projects ‘Smart Ashram’ and its underlying ideology have been envisioned by Prof Dinesh Singh in connection between the ethos/philosophy of the Ashram. The project was inaugurated by Prof Dinesh Singh, Chancellor, KRMU, Prof Aditya Malik, Vice Chancellor, KRMU, Prof Anita Sharma, Pro Vice chancellor, KRMU on 15th February 2020.

The Smart Ashram will be designed on Gandhian way of thinking and living. Hence the Ashram should be a space for contemplative thinking that connects people with nature. Functionally, it should provide the space needed for projects and books that connect people to solutions that originate from empathy, tolerance and acceptance towards other people and environment. In terms of physical space, the ashram should provide simple, environmentally friendly spaces where people can connect to peaceful and contemplative thoughts.

The complex will consist of An Amphitheatre, Classrooms, Digital lab and land for Agriculture farming. It will be the mixture of outdoor and indoor spaces that utilise the local traditional building techniques and materials.  As the name indicates, it is a symbolic overlap of tradition and modernity. While ‘Ashram’ represents a quiet space for contemplative and reflective intellectual activities, ‘Smart’ represents innovation and technology.

The design will be a ground only structure based on vernacular techniques and construction methods. The layout, design and methods of construction will be environmentally sustainable, thus making it economical in terms of energy consumption as well as materials use.