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Industry Connect

At KR Mangalam University, Industry Connect is an essential part of curriculum. Under the aegis of this theme, students are given an opportunity to integrate their theoretical knowledge with the real life problems of the industry. This facilitates a robust and continuous industry partnership for research and development in various academic fields. The students get a platform to be aware about the organisational structure and function of various industries.

Along with the core theories, the students get to study the operational and functional know-hows of a particular sector. Starting from science, technology and engineering to humanities and journalism, students are encouraged to interact, engage and undertake projects which connect them to the relevant industry. The student and choose and work in projects that in tandem with their research aptitude and interest. This gives them an added advantage in the job market at the end of their courses. It also helps different organisation popularise their company's brand within the upcoming workforce. Industry Connect program is an important link in the symbiotic relationship between the academics and industry.