At KRMU, a well-designed central cafetaria adds to functional efficiency of the University. Here, the lunch hour can be combined with a friendly exchange of words with colleagues, fellow students, visitors, staff and faculty. The central cafetaria of KRMU is the student center, surrounded by lawns and gardens. It is spacious not just to accommodate the large number of its visitors but also to enable students to use the tables to read or complete an assignment while enjoying a snack, lunch or dinner. The acoustic design of the KRMU cafetaria minimizes noise level. It serves nutritious food at subsidized rates because its primary clients are students, who are not earning members of society.

Sports Facilities

The University offers a varied and vibrant sports program throughout the year for all ability levels. The sporting and leisure facilities on campus are extensive. Sporting facilities include Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Volley Ball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash and mind/body classes such as Yoga, Dance etc. All sporting facilities are regularly available for everyone’s use, accommodating students who enjoy structured participation and those who find a program of recreation and exercise most beneficial.

Fitness Centre

The campus has an independent Fitness Centre with classes including Aerobics, Pump & Tone and Cardio Combat conducted on a regular basis.

Medical Centre

A campus medical room provides for several diagnostic procedures and preventive and curative treatments. Emergency cases that require more specialist attention in intensive care facilities are referred to the local hospitals. A Doctor from the campus Health Centre accompanies the patient in case of an emergency. The Institute maintains liaison with the doctors of the local hospitals

Campus Security

The Hostels have 24 hours security arrangements with fully trained Guards and round the clock CCTV vigil.