Job Type: Full Time
Required Experience: 1-5 Years
Job Location: Gurugram
Job Title: Assistant – Videographer & Photographer
Location: K.R. Mangalam University Sohna Road, Gurugram, Sohna Rural, Sohna, Haryana 122103
About us:
Being an assistant to a videographer and photographer involves a wide range of responsibilities to support their work in capturing and creating visual content. Here’s a detailed description.
  • Equipment Preparation: Assist in preparing and organizing equipment before shoots. This includes cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting equipment, and any other gear necessary for the job.
  • Setting Up: Help set up the shooting location by arranging props, adjusting lighting, and ensuring all technical aspects are in place for both photography and videography sessions.
  • Assisting During Shoots: During shoots, assist the videographer and photographer by managing equipment, changing lenses, adjusting lights, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. This may also involve capturing behind-the-scenes footage or photos.
  • Managing Files: Help manage and organize digital files, including backing up photos and videos, labelling files appropriately, and ensuring all content is properly stored and archived.
  • Post-Production Support: Assist in post-production tasks such as sorting through footage, selecting the best shots, and possibly helping with basic editing tasks like color correction or initial rough cuts under the direction of the videographer or photographer.
  • Client Interaction: Interact with clients as needed, helping to coordinate schedules, answering basic questions, and ensuring a positive experience throughout the shoot.
  • Learning and Development: Continuously learn and improve skills in photography and videography techniques, software proficiency (like editing programs), and understanding the specific style and preferences of the lead videographer and photographer.
  • Creative Input: Offer creative input and ideas when appropriate, contributing to brainstorming sessions or providing feedback on shots and compositions.
  • Administrative Tasks: Handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and maintaining a tidy and organized workspace.
  • Adaptability: Be adaptable to different shooting environments and scenarios, from studio settings to on-location shoots, and be prepared to assist with different types of projects, including events, portraits, product shoots, etc.
  • Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanor at all times, representing the videographer and photographer positively to clients and collaborators.
Working as an assistant to a videographer and photographer is a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn industry standards, and develop technical and creative skills in visual content creation. It requires attention to detail, strong organizational abilities, technical proficiency, and a willingness to learn and adapt in a fast-paced environment.

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