Khairiyat: SJMC initiative of create awareness about Mental Health

Khairiyat: SJMC initiative of create awareness about Mental Health

9th October, 2020

October 9, 2020: Every year World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th day of October and was first observed in the year 1992, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues.

On 9th October, final year students of BA(JMC), School of Journalism and Mass Communication, KRMU organized Khairiyat, an event to create awareness about Mental Health. The event started with an introduction to the world mental health day, mental illnesses and stigmas related to mental illnesses by Sarvleen Kaur.

Taking the event forward, Lakshita Kandpal enunciated a very emotional and engaging open letter about overthinking, which was followed by a very interesting game, about myths and facts related to mental health and illnesses, it was conducted by Ravi Kumar Labh and his partner Sahil Sehrawat, this game made audience think twice about what they thought was a myth was actually a solid fact and how many people suffer through different mental illnesses.

Another interesting game was conducted by Komal, which was themed around phobias, in this game audience were given a phobia' s name and 4 options out of which they had to choose a correct answer. Online audience really enjoyed this game and participated enthusiastically.

After this fun game session, poster making competition was held, honourable guest Mr. Batra was invited on the dais, Mr Batra is the creative head for online promotion of various restaurants chains and e-commerce sites. Apart from this he is also an NSE certified market professional.

In this competition first position was bagged by Divyam- BJMC 2nd year and second by Damia Tyagi- BA(JMC), 1st year and Parul, BAFD, final year. With the declaration of the results this thoughtful event came to its end with a hope that it will create an impact regarding mental health, mental illnesses and stigmas on all those who attended the event, and will encourage audience to speak confidently about their mental illnesses in future in front of society.

The event was attended by more than 110 students and was envisaged, planned, and executed successfully by Lakshita, Sarvleen, Sahil, Komal, Ravi and Vishal Kumar.