KRMU Fellowship Program

K R Mangalam University is in the process of redefining academic and knowledge pursuits and goals keeping in mind the needs and challenges of the nation and of society. In pursuit of this objective it has established The Institute for Inventions, Innovations and Entrepreneurship (TIIIE) which aims to set up and sustain a platform for all knowledge streams and all academic disciplines to grow and gain advantage in a cross-disciplinary environment. This allows theory and practice to blend harmoniously whenever needed.

It also encourages an approach that motivates the youth to explore various dimensions of knowledge with the objective of generating on the one hand quality research and/or also allowing and enabling practical offshoots leading to startups and patents.

At TIIIE, History is as important as Design or Robotics or Artificial Intelligence or Literature. As an illustration TIIIE has embarked on the creation of a Smart Ashram on the campus spearheaded by its School of Architecture but with the participation of faculty and students from disciplines ranging from the School of Design to Electronics as also Civil Engineering and Pharmacy faculty and students.

TIIIE is also creating a link between neighbourhood village systems and their connections in various ways with knowledge streams in the social sciences/humanities as well as in the sciences. Similarly, TIIIE is in the process of setting up a China Studies Program in collaboration with three universities in China and also creating viable practical connections between Middlesex University and programs at KR Mangalam University in various themes ranging from Historical Safaristo Fashion Design to Mathematics. TIIIE has launched two degree programmes at the undergraduate level: Digital Humanities and Innovation with IT.

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