Conceptually Smart Ashram is a mix of outdoor and indoor space that utilises the local traditional building techniques and materials and becomes a hub for learning.
As the name indicates, it is a symbolic overlap of tradition and modernity. While ‘Ashram’ represents a quiet space for contemplative and reflective intellectual activities, ‘Smart’ represents a leap into the future of innovation and technology.

The design will be a ground only structure based on vernacular techniques and construction methods. The layout, design and methods of construction will be environmentally sustainable, thus making it economical in terms of energy consumption as well as materials used.

Some materials that have been explored are stabilised mud blocks, stone, brick, lime, soil, adobe, bamboo, unprocessed wood. Students have visited TARA Machines Factory at Ghittorni and witnessed the construction and strength tests of stabilised mud blocks using the soil on KRMU campus.

The roof will be an innovative structure built with the help of local masons and can be a shell, dome, vault structure or have trusses, wooden structures, thatch or corbelling.

The functional spaces in the Ashram include

  • Community Room/Space (A semi open space/ shed (for reading/ writing/ working on lap tops/ other activities).
  • Offices
  • Guest Rooms
  • Cooking area/ pantry
  • Washrooms

  • These spaces will be integrated with an open courtyard or Herbal Garden and outdoor space for domesticated animals.