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‘New India’ means different things to different people but to us, it has always meant an India where technology is used by everyone to live a better and more comfortable life—a digital India of sorts. Start-up is just a small way of helping and building the new India of our dreams and in this journey so far has been an interesting one.

Along with developing the software for small businesses, I along with my mentors also developed software to help schools with their inner management of admission, finances, etc. For this we worked closely with some schools and that when something caught our attention. The admission process in India schools is rather archaic and hasn’t really been upgraded in decades. Paper forms are still used by an overwhelming majority of India schools, even at a time when even money is moving away from its paper form.

This was the point at which we decided that we would give every school in India the ability to accept admission forms online and that is what lead to the birth of our primary product, Uniform Application.

Uniform Application is a web platform that simplifies the admission process for parents and schools both. Using our platform, schools can accept admissions online and offline (using our tablet PC) thereby eliminating the pen and paper forms. They can also increase their visibility through our school listing platform and communicate with parents with a single click in real-time. For parents, it offers a common admission form to apply to multiple schools from the comfort of their homes thereby saving them repeated visits to multiple schools.

We applied with our idea to iB Hubs Startup School, a month-long student acceleration program which made this idea more concrete and gave us the much-needed focus to take the leap. Several months into our journey we have 4 schools on our platform for an on-going pilot and we are in the process of on boarding many more.

Our journey would not have been possible without the support from K R Mangalam University in terms of mentorship, support and resources that they invested in us.

It is our goal that our products help make the lives of millions of Indians easier and pushes our country towards becoming even more digital and only when we have achieved this will we consider calling our start up a success.

Initiated By:
Mohammad Yousuf
Student BBA- VI Sem.
School of Management & Commerce

Mentored By:
Dr. Anshika Prakash & Dr. Avjeet Kaur
Associate Proffesor
School of Management & Commerce