Faculty Training Programme on “Limits of the Sky - Paradigms of the Vertical”

Faculty Training Programme on “Limits of the Sky - Paradigms of the Vertical”

10th - 14th December 2018
Hindustan Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

Day-1 (10th December, 2018) Inauguration-

The programme was inaugurated by Ar. J. Manoharan (Member, Council of Architecture) and chief guest Mr. P. Selvadurai (Chief Planner, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority).

Dr. N. Vasudevan (Dean Academics, Hindustan Institute of technology and science, Chennai) and Prof. Ar. Vergis Oomen (Design Chair, School of architecture- Hindustan Institute of technology and science) shared their views on building higher and constraints faced by the teaching faculty in translating these new ideas to the students of architecture.


The first session was handled by Mr. P. Selvadurai who spoke on the topic of "Planning Standards and the Approval process for High Rise Buildings". His focus was on the basic setup of the govt.organization and the processes that are to be followed in order to get a high rise developments approved. His lecture also highlighted the shortfalls on the legislation regarding high-rises and the steps being taken to overcome the same.


The second session was handled by Ar. S. Sunaina," Lead Project Manager, CRN Rao

Consultants Pvt. Ltd. on the topic of Planning Aspects in High Rise Buildings in which she focused on various aspects of the planning that are to be done in the pre-construction phase of high rises in order to address the various issue that may arise during the construction phase, using the example of the Amazon headquarters in Hyderabad.


The third session was handled by Ar. S. Subbiah, Associate Vice President, CRN Rao

Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He spoke on the topic of “Design of High Rise Buildings", where important aspects relating to the design of high rise structures along with the various constraints and alternative design. He emphasized that the role of NBC plays an important role while designing high-rise buildings so every teacher must ask their students to refer it on every stage from design to execution of the project.

Day-2 (11th December, 2018)


The fourth session was handled by Mr. P. Ravikumar, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Hindustan institute of Technology and Science, who delivered his lecture on construction management in High rise buildings, which covered all the aspects of management related to the design and construction process in high rises starting from the Conceptual, pre-design stage to the handover and maintenance stage. He ended the session on a brief note on the various issues arising out of mismanagement during the Construction phase and the legislative changes been implanted to curb the same.


The fifth (impromptu) session was handled successfully by Er. C. Yoganantham, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, who spoke on the topic of 'Analysis and Structural Design of High Rises", in which he took the participants/& thought how to analysis-the structural aspects of a building in the conceptual stage itself, using ETABS 2017 as a software to do the same, besides speaking on the basic structural forces that act on a building.

Site visit -1

This was followed by a site visit to Marg Savitanjali, which was on Vertical Transportation( lift) in a Residential High Rise conducted by Fujitec Lifts.

Day-3 (12th December, 2018) Session-6

The third day started with the sixth session on the topic of "Missing links in Developing High Rise Buildings", handled by Mr. K. S. Gnanaseelan, Chief Operating Officer, Brigade Enterprises, Chennai, in which he focused on the gaps that exist in the engineering and architectural communities and their varied aspects of thinking. He also spoke on the impacts of high rises on Urban and social infrastructure of Chennai.


The seventh session was handled by Mr. Karthikeyan Appasamy, (Structural and Geo Technical Consultant, Karthikeyan Associates, Chennai), who spoke on the topic of Integrated Solutions to Envelope and Structure He focused on how important is the design of invisible structure that exists under the substructure of buildings He also spoke about how facade design and structure of a building can be integrated in order to make interesting building at the same time cost effective. He explained the structure mechanics very interestingly, quoting examples from day to day life.


The eighth and ninth session was handled by Mr. Venugopal R. (Design Engineer, Saint Gobain Pvt. Ltd.) on topics of Structural Glazing and Facade Design, This session covered the various aspects of structural glazing and the ways in which the most suitable glazing is to be selected, based on various factors. In his second session he spoke on the various aspects affecting facade design such as the ambient temperature that is to be maintained, the ambient light, cost and design, etc.

Day-4 (13th December, 2018)


On the 4th day, the tenth session was handled by Mr. M. Namasivayam, (Head, Fire and Safety, DLF IT Park Chennai), who spoke on the topic of Fire and Safety for High rise Buildings. The various aspects of safety relating to fire hazards in the built environment and the measures that are to be taken to reduce the fire risk and threats.


The eleventh session was handled by Ar. S. Manoranjanj (EN3 Sustainability Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.), who spoke on the topic of HVAC systems and sustainable considerations for High Rises, in which she stressed upon the need for the reduction in the energy spent on heating and cooling a building and the various aspects of design which could be incorporated to do the same. She ended with a brief on the technologies available to improve efficiency for the same.

Site visit -2

This was followed by the Second Site Visit to the Olympia Tech Park, an office campus which was rated gold by LEED, the participants were shown first the various systems that catered to the need of the fifteen thousand employees and the techniques that are being incorporated to constantly maintain and improve efficiency.

Day-5 (14th December, 2018)


The fifth and last day of the programme started with the 12 session which was handled by Mr. Xavier Prakash ( Regional Head , Operations, Fujitec India Pvt. Ltd.) who spoke on the topic of vertical transportation in high rise buildings, in which the participants were briefed on the relation between vertical transport and high rises, the history of vertical transportation, design standards to desig the same and the future of Vertical Transportation.


The thirteenth and pre-final session was handled by Dr. Jeesy Rooby, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science on the topic of Structural System Design in High Rise Buildings. During the course of her lecture she spoke on the varied definition of a high rise and the varied structural system that are available to design them along with the various aspects of the design that would affect the structural system that is chosen.


The fourteenth and final session of the programme was handled by Mr. N. Veerasigamani who spoke on the topic of "Building Management Systems for High Rise Buildings" in which he deliberated on the various aspects of building management that need to be implemented right from the design phase. He also spoke on the problems, a BMS faces and their possible solutions.

The Programme concluded with the evaluation, feedback and valedictory function of the participants and the organizers.