K.R. Mangalam University Signs MoU with TianYuan University

K.R. Mangalam University Signs MoU with TianYuan University, China

Monday 9 July 2018
Conference Room, K.R. Mangalam University, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

K.R. Mangalam University, Sohna Road, Gurgaon signed MoU with TianYuan University Tianjin, China on July 9, 2018 to elevate the education and research bond between the two Universities. The agreement was signed by Mr. Li Jinyuan Chairman Tiens Group China on behalf of TianYuan University and by Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Malik, Vice-Chancellor, K.R. Mangalam University, Gurugram. This alliance shall promote cooperation,effective integration and sharing of educational resources between K.R. MangalamUniversity and TianYuanUniversity.

Through this new agreement, K.R. Mangalam group strengthens cooperation and interaction of its teachers with the faculties at TianYuan University, through programmes like mutual visits, teacher training programmes, publication of academic journals and educational exchanges.

The agreement binds the two institutions to cooperate in scientific research projects and promote the improvement of the teaching. Both the universities in the alliance will hold regular academic conferences and develop learning programs to enhance the education and research in both countries.

This alliance highlights K.R. Mangalam University’s dedication towards achieving excellence in education and research. This collaboration with Tiens Group in China is a major breakthrough for K.R. Mangalam Group in India. Through this agreement, the two universitieswillbuild programmes and other activities to help further the education and contribute to the commitment of education and research to the global society.