17 Nov 2021

Dr. M Noushad Javed: An Inspiring Story Of A Young Scientist

KR Mangalam University feels proud of Dr. M Noushad Javed for his dedication and hard work which led him to publish two research papers in two of the most esteemed international journals. 
KR Mangalam University salutes Dr. Javed for showing so much dedication and hard work which not only helped him deliver two world-class research papers within a month of joining and being affiliated with KR Mangalam University but also bring so much recognition to the cause of the university, that is, a research-driven approach towards study. 
Dr. M Noushad Javed has published well over 36 publications in various Indian and International journals. His recent journals while being affiliated with KRMU are as follows:

Thymoquinone lipid nanoparticles cut the Gordian knots of depression via neuroprotective BDNF and downregulation of neuro-inflammatory NF-?B, IL-6, and TNF-a in LPS treated rats 

M Noushad Javed

Approaches for ear-targeted delivery systems in neurosensory disorders to avoid chronic hearing loss mediated neurological diseases.

M Noushad Javed

About Dr. M Noushad Javed

Dr. Javed joined the School of Medical and Allied Sciences (SMAS), KR Mangalam University in the month of October-November, 2021 as an Assistant Professor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in B.Pharma followed by an M.Pharma degree. He then pursued his doctoral program from Jamia Hamdard. 
Dr. Javed is a noted researcher in his field having to have won the following honours and awards:
  • LORD SRINIVASAN GOLD MEDAL by Indian Society for Atherosclerosis research.
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PRESENTATION by The Energy Research Institute (TERI)- India.
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AWARD by Society of Ethnopharmacology.
KR Mangalam University stands beside Dr. Javed to support and encourage him to achieve his future endevours!