23 Mar 2021

K.R. Mangalam University SOHS Students Visit to National Museum

On 23rd March 2021, the School of Humanities organized an industrial visit to the National Museum in New Delhi. SOHS students visited the museum to acquaint with the history of great Indian civilization. They were accompanied by Ms Shrutika Lakshmi (Assistant Professor, Department of Historical Studies), Ms Manisha Sharma (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics) and Ms Kanika Joshi (Assistant Professor, Department of English). Ms Himani, M.Phil Research Scholar (Visual Studies, JNU), who is working on Harappan figurines, accompanied the students to understand the artefacts from an expert’s perspective. Students were enthusiastic throughout the visit and were mesmerized to look at the rich history of the country. This was a very learning experience for students from different disciplines, like English, Psychology, and Chinese. They were acquainted with varying periods of human civilizations from this visit to the ‘historical archive’. Overall, the visit proved to be exciting and educative for the students and the faculty members.