25 Nov 2021

SMAS Students Visit Higgs HealthCare and Medipol Pharma as Part of Their Compulsory Industrial Visit

The School of Medical and Allied Sciences (SMAS) at K. R. Mangalam University organised a industrial visit for B. Pharma 5th Semester from November 25-28, 2021, under the supervision of Dr. Sucheta, Associate Professor, and Mr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor, SMAS
HIGGS HealthCare and Medipol Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd. were among the companies visited.
Industrial Visit SMAS

About the Companies Visited

HIGGS HealthCare is a global pharmaceutical company that offers parenteral solutions such as large volume parenteral, small volume parenteral, ophthalmic preparations, eye and ear formulations, respiratory nebulizing capsules, and injectables all under one roof, with Q.C, Q.A, and a regulatory team to ensure cGMP/WHO compliance.
This company is equipped with high end equipments and the latest FFS (Form Fill Seal) and BFS (Blow Fill Seal) machines, manufacturing through the state of the art technology.
Industrial Visit SMAS
Medipol Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd is the most rapidly growing pharmaceutical company based at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India offering highly effective and reliable capsules with a turnover of 1.8 billion capsules per annum. Capsules manufactured here belongs to probiotics, Spirulina, Vitamins & Minerals Capsules, Francoplex Capsules, Neurob Plus Capsules, Alfacalcidol Capsules, Cefactor Capsules, Cloxacillin capsules, Cephalexin Capsules, and many more items.
Industrial Visit SMAS

What did Our Students Learn?

The students interacted with CMD Dr. Chander Bahl, during this visit to HIGGS HealthCare. Dr. Bahl briefed about regulatory guidelines. Questions were asked by students from the team regarding the mechanism involved in the working of FFS and BFS machines. A total of 23 students visited HIGGS Healthcare on November 25, 2021, where they were exposed to filling, sealing, test for sterility, and manufacturing defects of all parenteral preparations.
While visiting Medipol Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd our students interacted with Mr. Chaman Dhiman, MD, and asked various questions related to the field and his company. Mr. Dhiman gave a very satisfactory explanation to students’ queries regarding the mechanism involved in quality control parameters of tablets and liquids dosages form. Our B.Pharma students were also briefed about the tableting process including auto granulator, coating, punching, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging of tablets and capsules.
Industrial Visit SMAS
As KR Mangalam believes in the overall growth of its students and dull knowledge was never a choice. So to make this industrial visit more memorable and less tiring and boring, students had a short excursion in Shimla, Kufri, and other beautiful nearby places.