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20th December Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Alumni Talk

School Of Management and Communication, K.R. Mangalam University has organized an Alumni Talk on New Age Entrepreneurship and New Age Motivation and invited the speaker Mr. Ayush Rajput (Alumni of KRMU, SOMC), a Sr. Business Analyst at Incedo and Owner of the Millennial Club and freelance business consultant with many big brands like Sabhyasach, on 20th December 2022. The talk started in a very interesting mode where Mr. Ayush Rajput shared his career journey with the students.  During Talk, students asked various questions related to website development, B to B and B to C marketing strategies, digital Marketing, and the role of algorithms in Digital Marketing. It was a very fruitful session from the student's point of view. It built confidence among the students by discussing various issues based on personal experiences, real-life challenges, market competitions, finance and marketing strategies, simulation, and online business portals.