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28th October Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Collaboration with Biotic Waste Limited

Collaboration with Biotic Waste Limited 

K.R. Mangalam University is proud to announce that it collaborated with Biotic Wasted Limited on 28 October 2022.

About Biotic Waste Limited 

The promoters of biotics come with vast expertise in waste management. Their experience in biomedical waste in India commenced in 2002. Since then the group has established 6 facilities in North India making it one of the largest operators in India. With 15 years of expertise in Biomedical Waste Management, Biotic Group of Companies services more than 3000 customers and 30,000 hospital beds, each day.

K.R. Mangalam University has collaborated with Biotic Waste Limited to help students develop a positive attitude toward society. Students will get the idea to easily collect, treat and store bio-degradable and biomedical wastes 

About K.R. Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University is a pioneer institution of higher education located in Gurugram, Haryana established in 2013 under the Haryana Private University Act. KR Mangalam University is known for its excellence in interdisciplinary education and for its research and innovation that prepares students to become socially responsible and contribute to nation-building through their learning and skills.