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6th April Venue - KR Mangalam University

Educational Visit to All India Radio

School Journalism and Mass Communication, KR Mangalam University organised an educational visit to All India Radio on 6 April 2022. This visit was under the supervision of Dr. Sarina, Assistant Professor, School Journalism and Mass Communication.

The purpose of the visit was to give students an understanding about the structures and working of All India Radio.

The Duty Officer of All India Radio, Mr. Vikram Singh guided the students about the working of a radio station. He then explained to the students about the duty office, studio, control room and functions of equipment used in a studio of the organisation.

Mr. Apoorva  Bhuvan  Jha, Senior Broadcaster of All India Radio enlightened the students about the importance of All India Radio in this Digital World and encouraged the students to listen to All India Radio for true knowledge and information.

The students saw the announcer doing live announcements, comparing and playing song tracks. The students also visited the New Service Division of the organisation, where they came to know about the production and broadcasting of the news bulletins. 

Total of 27 students of the department visited the organisation along with the faculty. The students got the answers to all their questions by the experts. This visit was very enriching and meaningful for the students in which they learned about the importance of All India Radio and understood its work and structure.