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26th February Venue - KR Mangalam University

Extensive Activity Camp on Stress Management – Its Secrets and Solutions

Chetna Society of KR Mangalam University in association with Heartfulness Institute under the facilitation of neighbourhood village organized a camp on  26th February 2022 on “Stress Management- Its Secrets and Solutions” at Vivek Bharti Senior Secondary School at Village Ghamroj, Haryana.
In this camp, Chetna Society Coordinator Dr Ruchika Yadav, Dr Anshul Saluja, Dr Pooja Vats, Ms Yogita Raghav & Sh. Rajiv Ranjan along with the members of Heartfulness Education Trust (HET- Gurugram Centre) Sh. Yatindra Vashisitha & Sh. Dinesh Chaudhary participated. Volunteer Students from Chetna Society played an active role during the camp.
Dr Ruchika Yadav started the program with a discussion on the causes of stress, various ways to get rid of it and the importance of living a stress-free balanced life.  She revealed the secrets of living a happy life with a blend of higher human values, universal brotherhood, and a life to be led with contentment, social harmony, and peace.
After that Shri Yatindra Vashist -Trainer at HET shared his views on the coherence between heart and mind and discussed the basic tools of Heartfulness as a practical approach to live a stress-free life.
Dr Ruchika Yadav made students and teachers feel comfortable through guided relaxation & meditation. Indeed it was a fruitful session wherein students were able to relax their minds. Everyone appreciated the efforts made by the university to conduct this camp for spreading awareness about stress. The Academic Director of the school, Dr C.M. Jha while narrating his experience said that his personal experience was wonderful and such camps are to be organized more often for students & staff as they are contributing to their overall growth & development. Several teachers including more than fifty students participated in the event. The camp was successfully concluded with a resolution to organize such events in future.