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19th May Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Faculty Seminar on Women Tourism in India

School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology organized a faculty seminar on “Women's Tourism in India” on 19 May 2022. The objective of this seminar was to understand and explain if India in the 21st century is ready for solo female travelers and would these females be safe to travel across the whole country. The keep objectives to organize this seminar were:

  1. To find out whether single female travelers in India are enjoying their trips.
  2.  To find out if the travelers feel safe till the time the trip ends.
  3. To find out whether the public and private sectors are taking initiatives to make it easier and safer for women to travel alone.

This seminar was held to examine and comprehend the country's existing trends for single female travelers as well as any potential future trends.

The faculties of the School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology discussed the current trends of single female travelers in the country, the way the research was conducted, and the future trends that can be predicted for the same. It was a fruitful session in which a deep understanding and research were conducted on women's tourism.