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22nd March Venue - K.R. Mangalam University


The School of Engineering and Technology, KR Mangalam University organized two days field visit on solar installation from 22nd March 2022 to 23RD March 2022.

The students were briefed about solar module rating, installation capacity, angle of installation, the direction of the module, etc. The dust accumulation over the panels, bird dropping, and hot spotting was discussed and observed. The control panels over the C block rooftop were shown to the students and controlling strategies were discussed. In the evening half, different measuring equipment like a solar power meter, lux meter, radiation thermometer, and data-logger for humidity and temperature sensing was shown to the students. After introducing the instruments students were taken to the open ground with a 40W solar panel. An experimental setup was prepared to study the I-V characteristics and the various temperature conditions. After performing the experiments students took the observations. 

The second day of the visit started with the transformer room of the university. The students observed the three-phase transformer (delta–star), cabling, tap changing, and the various protection schemes. The students were keen to learn about practical things. They have shown interest in the various equipment and opened single phase induction motor to get the insight into the motor. After gaining knowledge from the transformer room, students visited the DG set. Students have observed three modes of power supply during the two days visit, i.e. from the grid, solar panels, and DG set.

In the evening half of the second day, the complete work was summarized in points, about the basic overview of college layouts, power planning scenario, the importance of carbon audit per university campus, identification, and planning measures to reduce them were discussed.

Also, a briefing related to theoretical exposure for calculating the house load was delivered to students. Lastly, objectives, achievements, and outcomes gained are deliberated to students by guiding them to prepare the field visit report.