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23rd February Venue - KR Mangalam University

Fitness Pro Challenge

K.R. Mangalam University, Gurugram organized a spectacular and entertaining “Inter-University Fitness Pro Competition”  with the aim of health awareness on 23rd February 2022 which was organized by the School of Medical & Allied Sciences and Health Society, K.R. Mangalam University in association with Fit 360X, various students participating from different states of the country actively participated in this event.

Prof. Arun Garg (Dean - School of Medical and Allied Sciences) divided the work under the chairmanship of coach Aditya and coach Rishi, Fit-360X will engage in recreational phases like side-to-side-runs, sand-bag-runs, and high-jumps. In the women's category, Geetanjali (K.R. Mangalam University) was awarded the first prize, Devika Thakran (K.R. Mangalam University) second, and Simarpreet Kaur (Chandigarh University) was awarded the third prize. Whereas in the male category, the first prize was awarded to Aman (K.R. Mangalam University), the second prize was awarded to Aditya Kaushik (SGT University) and the third prize was awarded to Aamir Khan (K.R. Mangalam University). 

Senior teachers and staff also participated enthusiastically in this entertaining function and committed to regular exercise by taking inspiration from the physical development of exercise as well as usefulness in mental development like stress relief, concentration, and efficiency.
Students from different universities participated in the challenges and the audience members were inspired to work towards their fitness.