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30th May Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Guest Lecture on New Designer Drugs

School of Medical and Allied Sciences, K.R. Mangalam University conducted a guest lecture on “New Designer Drugs” on the 30th May 2022 for the students and faculty members.

Around 100 students and faculty members of the Department attended the lecture. The event started with a welcome deliverance by the session coordinator Dr.Mamta. The Speaker of the session was Prof.Murali Dhanasekaran (Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University, Auburn, AL).

Prof. Murali Dhanasekaran discussed different studies such as in-vitro, in vivo, and in-silico studies of the formulation. He informed the audience that designer drugs are called party pills and are piperazine derivatives. He also discussed structural modifications, synthetic analogs, abuse, and addiction.

Students learned about drug abuse, structural modifications, patents, and designer drugs. The event was followed by the Q & A session for students to clear their doubts.

Indeed it was an interactive session for students and they got to learn new facts about drugs.