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21st September Venue - Parliament Street

Industrial Visit to Akashvani, All India Radio

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, K.R. Mangalam University organized an industrial visit to Akashvani, All India Radio on  21 September 2022. The seasoned Broadcaster and Programmemaker Mr. Devendra Rai guided the entire team from AIR’s Programme Division. The students explored studios and recording rooms and facilities of All India Radio while being educated about the historical relevance, particularly the one used by Mahatma Gandhi. The students were shown a brief editing session of a well-known Akashvani Programme, Chahal Pahal. Students were told about the tips and techniques of audio recording and what are the factors one should keep in mind while recording a broadcasting program.  Students go the opportunity to interact with various renowned radio jockeys, Students got the opportunity to hear a session called Dil Vich Dilli hosted by Ms. Meena Jain of FM Rainbow.