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26th May Venue - NOIDA

Industrial Visit to Appwars Technologies

To bridge the Industrial Academia gap, the School of Engineering & Technology, K.R.Mangalam University organized an Industrial Visit to Appwars Technologies, Noida on 26th May 2022.

The industrial visit was aimed to provide exposure to the workflow of IT Companies and the latest technologies.

 A total of Twenty-two students of B.Tech, B.Sc., and BCA attended the visit.  The students got exposure to IT companies' workflow and the latest technologies.

A special session for discussing career opportunities was also conducted by Appwars Technologies. With this industrial visit, the academia-Industry gap was being filled, wherein, the students were exposed to the work culture and approaches used in the IT industry.

Students visited the various departments of Appwars Technologies, wherein they accumulated knowledge about the work process in IT companies.

Mr. Sonu Prakash, CEO briefed some of the most commonly used features in Python and R Programming. He discussed that Python supports object-oriented programming with classes and multiple inheritances and code can be grouped into modules and packages.

The language supports raising and catching exceptions, resulting in cleaner error handling. Mr. Prakash discussed the career opportunities related to the IT sector and motivated the students to sharpen their coding skills.