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19th July Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Inter-University Painting Competition

School of Medical and Allied Sciences organized an “Inter-University Painting Competition on 19 July 2022 on Lifestyle Disease wherein students were required to design and paint posters related to any lifestyle disease and were asked to explain their idea to choose it. The primary aim of the competition was to nurture creativity and talent to promote an artistic bent of mind against young artists.

Students created magnificent paintings on paper with the use of various colors. It was related to the lifestyle disease, where students could engage in skillful learning through the medium of Art.

This activity witnessed enthusiastic participation by all students. Competitions of the sort increase the observational skills, response to thoughts, awareness, and concern of the students towards lifestyle diseases. After the competition, a Vote of Thanks was proposed with the note that the colorful fiesta will once again create an expression in future years to come. Indeed the competition provided a platform for their creative expression.

It was a great initiative taken by the university to spread awareness about lifestyle diseases among the students as well as the faculty members. This event inspired the students to think and work creatively in order to promote artistic excellence.