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15th June Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University collaborates with Cesim

K.R. Mangalam University has agreed to collaborate with Cesim on 15 June 2022 to encourage students and improve their overall employability through risk-free simulation-based learning.


About Cesim 

For more than 25 years our mission has been to build fun and relevant business simulations that help develop skills and increase engagement. Cesim provides a broad portfolio of easy-to-use simulations that speak 15 languages and work on any device and learning format. A business simulation is an experiential learning tool where participants learn by running a virtual business in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic environment. Business simulation games help practice and improve business skills, such as business acumen, financial and market analysis, operations, decision making, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Cesim will help the students to put theory into practice and boost participant engagement, increase entrepreneurial and enterprise skills, and will aid them to work on their soft skill development.


Some of the major objectives for this collaboration are as follows:

  1. To increase students' awareness of the complexity of operating a company from a general management perspective.
  2. To develop capabilities in identifying and analyzing key environmental and organizational variables that can infuence an organization’s performance.
  3. To enhance fact-based analytical decision-making and crystalize the financial implications of business decisions. 
  4. To give students practical experiences in teamwork and problem-solving.


About K.R. Mangalam University 

KRMU is the fastest-growing higher education institute located in Gurugram, Haryana. Since its inception in 2013, the university has been striving towards its mission of imparting successful inter-disciplinary education and using it to transform young lives through ground-breaking pedagogy, global collaborations, and world-class infrastructure.  

The multi-disciplinary university features over 65+ undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes and caters to over 3500 students. The driving force of K.R. Mangalam University is its innovative course curriculum and its fleet of industry experts that work diligently to transform Every industry demands that students become the most desirable professionals. The university aspires to become an internationally recognized institution of higher learning through excellence in research and innovation and to foster lifelong learners that contribute to nation-building.