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8th July Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University collaborates with IAC India Pvt. Ltd.

K.R. Mangalam University and IAC India Pvt. Ltd. India have collaborated with each other on July 8, 2022.

About IACI

IAC India Pvt. Ltd. (IACI) has a strong track record of training and certifying over 14000+ candidates in various training domains, particularly in Accounting/Finance, Multimedia & Animation, and Programming Sub-domains. These fundamental tenets form the foundation of IACI's work: 

  1. Internal motivation and creating a suitable learning environment. 
  2. Possessing leadership qualities among all parties involved in educational institutions. 
  3. Educational opportunities that are relevant and purposeful. 
  4. enhancing results for individuals who live in poverty or adversity. 

Among the training domains are accounts, banking, finance, digital marketing, multimedia, animation, software programming, foreign languages, soft skills, and short-term IT programmes. 

Tally Education to students 

KRMU and IACI have collaborated with each other to facilitate effective utilization if intellectual capabilities and market reach as promptly as is responsibly practical.

Some of the major points of consideration are:

  • Provide online training on Licensed Tally Prime 
  • Provide assessment and certification to enrolled students
  • Enrolling students in the TEPL portal
  • Workshop on IT - ITES advancements and career building
  • Provide E-Courseware from Tally
  • Special tally sessions will be organized by the university in collaboration with IACI

About K.R. Mangalam University

KRMU is the fastest-growing higher education institute located in Gurugram, Haryana. Since its inception in 2013, the university has been striving towards its mission of imparting successful inter-disciplinary education and using it to transform young lives through ground-breaking pedagogy, global collaborations, and world-class infrastructure.

The multi-disciplinary university features over 65+ undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes and caters to over 3500 students. The driving force of K.R. Mangalam University is its innovative course curriculum and its fleet of industry experts that work diligently to transform Every industry demands that students become the most desirable professionals. The university aspires to become an internationally recognized institution of higher learning through excellence in research and innovation and to foster lifelong learners that contribute to nation-building.