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24th November Venue - New Delhi

KR Mangalam Students Visit IITF’ 21 to Relish the Rich Cultural Heritage of the World

Students and Faculty of School of Education (SOED) and School of Humanities (SOHS), KR Mangalam University(KRMU) visited the India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2021 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 24 November 2021 as part of their educational field trips that are conducted many times a year to make sure they learn while enjoying and experiencing their field of expertise. 
Science Olympiad 2021

The Educational Field Trip to IITF’ 21 was organized with the objective to train students-teachers on skills to organize a trip. Yes!  You heard it right, organizing a trip, Being a student-teacher, it is essential to learn and inculcate the process of organizing a trip while they become full-time teachers and have to organize a trip for their students. From planning where to visit, exploring the whole visit area in a limited time, and yet making it a memorable trip is something that comes with experience and that is what we help our students with, here at KRMU. 
Science Olympiad 2021

As KRMU focuses on the overall growth of its students, SOHS and SOED coordinators made sure that the education field trip was just not about learning from the academic viewpoint but also from the aesthetic point of view. SOHS and SOED faculty members made sure that students get to visit and understand the culture and lifestyle of other countries. The students also enjoyed exploring through the pavilions and familiarizing themselves with the rich cultural heritage and at the same time, feeling the essence of how the smell of different cultures overlap each other. On the way back home, KRMU students and faculty had yet another memorable day while understanding the worth of Living in Harmony.