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19th May Venue - K.R. Mangalam University

Krmu Joins Hands With Normi Research Foundation For Common Research Goals

K.R.Mangalam University feels proud to collaborate with the Normi Research Foundation on 19 May,2022.


The National Odour Research & Management Institute (OdourNORMI) is a non-profit, non-government public trust that is a cutting-edge, technology-based Odour Research and Management institute with a team of experts dedicated to odour research and management. NORMI is made up of experts drawn from a variety of prestigious institutes across India. Many of them have patents in the field of odour technologies under their names. Odour nuisance is a growing national and international concern because it has an impact on people's quality of life.

KRMU Joins Hands With Normi Research Foundation For Common Research Goals

K.R. Mangalam University in India and Normi Research Foundation joined hands to complement joint research projects and to train students in order to facilitate overall research, training, and placement and to make them understand the importance of environmental management and to come up with solutions to overcome environmental problems. These opportunities are being promoted by KRMU and Normi Research Foundation for the benefit of students. The following are some of the most important points to consider:

  • KRMU and Normi Research Foundation will conduct joint programs, including offering courses and training as per mutual interest.
  • D. students working at KRMU will be able to carry out a part of their research work at NORMI
  • NORMI will extend its facilities and provide short-term training to students and faculty members of the KRMU in their areas of specialization.
  • Scientists of NORMI RESEARCH FOUNDATION will be invited to deliver lectures in specific courses or conduct seminars at KRMU for the betterment of students.

About KRMU

K.R. Mangalam University (KRMU) is the fastest-growing higher education institute located in Gurugram, Haryana. Since its inception in 2013, the university has been striving towards its mission of imparting successful inter-disciplinary education and using it to transform young lives through ground-breaking pedagogy, global collaborations, and world-class infrastructure. 

 The multi-disciplinary university features over 75+ undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes and caters to over 3500 students. The driving force of KR Mangalam University is its innovative course curriculum and its fleet of industry experts that work diligently to transform students into the most desirable professionals that every industry demands. The university aspires to become an internationally recognized institution of higher learning through excellence in research and innovation and foster lifelong learners that contribute in nation-building.