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7th March Venue - KR Mangalam University

KRMU Students won a Cash Prize of $1000 at Alibaba Cloud Low-Code Development Contest 2022

Alibaba Cloud Low-Code Development Contest was a virtual solution building contest for professionals and students from India, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, organized by Alibaba Cloud and IndiaSpark. In this contest candidates from both technical and non-tech backgrounds participated to build solutions with their own innovation and Alibaba Cloud’s low-code development tools, The cash prize for the same was $15,000 with exclusive merchandise.

In KR Mangalam, ALIBABA CLOUD LOW CODE DEVELOPMENT CONTEST 2022  in collaboration with Indiaspark was held on 7th March 2022  from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Ms Roopa Tanti (Founder & CEO- IndiaSpark) quoted that “Low-Code Development is the current buzz around the emerging technologies platforms” and Universities like KRMU are empowering the students by further enabling campaigns, live projects and encouraging them to do better.

Dr Shweta Bansal (HOD, CSE) said that this competition greatly encouraged students to build solutions with their innovation by using Alibaba Cloud’s low-code development tools. 

A total of 75 students registered for this contest. The Faculty coordinators were Dr Shweta Bansal, Ms Monika Khatkar, and Ms Jyoti from the CSE department.

Dr Vineet Dahiya, Coordinator, SOET has said that this type of competition increased the coding skills of the students.

Two students of the CSE- VI Semester of SOET, Mr Dev Watts won the second position at the national level with a cash prize of $1000 along with $1000 Alibaba Cloud credits.

Mr Milind Udhav won the Innovation Award of $200 Alibaba Cloud Credits, with a shield.

K.R. Mangalam University also won the trophy of best Organizer among 150 universities. This contest was organized at the National level by Alibaba Cloud.